Baltimore CitySHOOTING: Eastern District -- A man was shot...


March 02, 1992|By The following accounts were compiled by reporter Richard Irwin from police records in the Baltimore area yesterday and today.

Baltimore City

SHOOTING: Eastern District -- A man was shot and seriously wounded as he walked in the 1600 block of Normal Ave. Homicide Detective Earl Kratsch said Anthony Gillette, 23, was near his home around 2 a.m. today when one of two occupants of a passing burgundy four-door Oldsmobile fired a shot at him. The bullet hit him in the abdomen and exited through the lower back. Detective Kratsch said Mr. Gillette was taken by ambulance to Johns Hopkins Hospital, where he was listed in serious but stable condition today. Detective Kratsch said information gathered from residents of the area who reported the shooting indicated that the victim was selling "burn bags," plastic bags containing fake narcotics, and that the person who shot him had just purchased one of the bags before he returned to the scene and shot the victim. Detective Kratsch said Mr. Gillette denied selling fake drugs. Mr. Gillette, according to the detective, said he was walking to a store to buy cigarettes for his mother when he was shot. Witnesses to the shooting described the people in the car as a white man and a white woman. No arrests had been made.

ROBBERY: Western District -- A man reported he was in the 1500 block of W. Baltimore St. Friday afternoon when he was attacked by two men who knocked him to the ground and robbed him of more than $400 in cash and property.

ROBBERY TRY: Western District -- A man attempted to rob a fast-food restaurant over the weekend but fled when an employee refused to cooperate. Police said a man entered the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in the 2500 block of W. Franklin St. yesterday afternoon and ordered the manager to give him money from a cash register while implying he had a handgun. Police said that when the manager refused to give the man any money, the man fled out a door.

ROBBERY: Western District -- A teen-ager with a handgun stopped two men as they walked near their homes in the 500 block of Gold St. shortly before 8 p.m. yesterday and robbed them of a total of $15.

BURGLARY: Western District -- A woman reported that someone broke into a dwelling she owns in the 1900 block of W. Lanvale St. between Feb. 25 and yesterday and stole several pieces of furniture of undetermined value. Police said the thief got in by breaking a pane of glass out of a front door.

THEFT: Western District -- Police today were seeking a woman who entered a house in the first block of N. Stricker St. over the weekend and stole $300. They said the occupant of the house suspects the money was taken by someone she knows and was expected to obtain a warrant for her arrest.

BURGLARY: Western District -- Police reported that someone broke into a dwelling in the 900 block of W. Lexington St. over the weekend by forcing the front door and stole a VCR and several pieces of stereo equipment valued at more than $1,000.

BURGLARY: Western District -- A TV and a VCR, valued at $300, were reported stolen from a dwelling in the 700 block of N. Gilmor St. after someone gained entry by forcing a rear door.

BURGLARY/ARREST: Western District -- Police investigating a burglary in the 2900 block of Parkwood Ave. arrested a teen-ager and charged him as a juvenile with burglary. Police said the youth entered the house through a window and stole $30. After being charged, the youth was released into the custody of his parents pending action by juvenile authorities.

STABBING: Western District -- A man was stabbed in the chest in the 1800 block of W. North Ave. over the weekend. Police said Aaron Atkins was accosted by two men, one of whom stabbed him in the right side of the chest with a knife. Both men fled and are being sought.

THEFT: Northern District -- Employees of Sterling Seafood in the 400 block of W. 29th St. were expected to seek a warrant charging an employee with the theft of several hundred dollars from the business. Police said the money was reported missing Thursday from a secured area.

BURGLARY: Northern District -- A resident of the 2700 block of St. Paul St. reported that someone broke into his home through a basement door and stole a VCR, compact disc player, telephone and a gray athletic bag, all valued at more than $800.

BURGLARY: Northern District -- Someone broke into a dwelling in the 1100 block of Gleneagle Road over the weekend by forcing a door and stole property valued at more than $2,000. Police said the intruder stole stereo equipment, a VCR, TV and a 10-speed bike.

THEFT/ARREST: Northern District -- A resident of the 3900 block of Colborne Road in southwest Baltimore reported that someone broke into his car while it was parked in the 2800 block of Oakford Ave. and stole stereo radio equipment. Police said a teen-age male was later arrested and charged as a juvenile with theft. They said the arrest resulted in the recovery of more than $600 worth of stolen property.

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