Guide to your computer is a real treat


March 02, 1992|By Joshua Mills | Joshua Mills,New York Times News Service

A computer is a good place to get lost. Sure, most people know how to change directories and start the software they use frequently.

Emma might well have the longest menu, along these lines:

Type 1 for Reader Rabbit 2 for Dinosaur Discovery Kit

3 for KidPix 4 for Mathblaster

5 for Ninja Turtles coloring book." Whatever selection is made, each choice on the menu requires a different batch file, which would open the program specified. These files would be W.BAT, F.BAT, 1.BAT, 2.BAT and so on.

From then on, whenever you turn on the computer, simply type menu at the prompt and the main menu will appear. (If you have an AUTOEXEC.BAT file that is activated when you turn on the power, add a last line that says menu, and it will call your main menu to screen.)

Various guides to mastering DOS provide models of menus and batch files. A good discussion, with sample menus and files, can be found in Chapter 17 of "Running MS.DOS," by Van Wolverton (Microsoft Press, $24.95).

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