DNR, charter group back bill to cut croaker size limit

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March 01, 1992|By Peter Baker | Peter Baker,Staff Writer

A bill that would allow smaller size limits for croaker (hardheads) in Maryland waters has been heard by the House Environmental Matters Committee and received support from the Department of Natural Resources and the Maryland Charter Boat Association.

The bill, which also would put a daily limit of 20 fish into force, calls for a decrease in size limit from 10 inches to 8 inches for recreational fishermen. The bill, sponsored by Del. Samuel Q. Johnson III of Wicomico, has not passed out of committee.

Even if the bill were to become law, it is unlikely that it could be put into effect before late September or October.

Other measures looked at by the committee include the establishment of a $3 permit for striped bass, of which $1 would go to the state hatchery program.

If the striped bass permit fee were approved by the state Senate and House and signed into law on July 1, it could be in place for the fall rockfish season, which has taken place in October the last two years.


Fishing suit: According to the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society, two persons in Wichita, Kan., have filed suit against the fishing organization, alleging that B.A.S.S was founded in 1967 as a non-profit organization and was changed to a private corporation in 1969 for its own benefit. The suit also charges that B.A.S.S. has not lived up to its commitment to conservation and to promoting fishing among children.

"B.A.S.S. was never a non-profit organization," said Ray Scott, founder of the organization. "In the finest tradition of American free enterprise, the company was set up to turn a profit by benefiting its subscribers, the fishery resource and the fishing industry."

B.A.S.S. claims to be the major stimulus behind what has become a $30 million bass fishing industry, has a full-time environmental department and environmental coordinators in 45


In the past six months, with the cooperation of BP, which has become a major sponsor of B.A.S.S. events, some 50,000 children have participated in a casting competition similar to the old NFL Pass, Punt and Kick.


Women's sailing: Among the competitors expected to be invited participate in the Santa Maria Cup, a women's match racing regatta from June 11-14 in the Inner Harbor, are defending champion J. J. Isler, collegiate champion Hannah Swett, three-time Rolex yachtswoman of the year Betsy Alison, Olympic sailor Cory Sertl and U.S. Naval Academy All-American Susie Minton.

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