Dear Doctor Stadium:My question is a simple one. At...

The Stadium Doctor

March 01, 1992

Dear Doctor Stadium:

My question is a simple one. At Memorial Stadium I had upper box seats. There was no obstruction from the railing in front. My new seats at Oriole Park are four rows lower. Will there be an obstruction because of the lower seats?

# Please let me know.

J.E. Hall


Dear J.E. Hall:

Here's what I found out: Your seats apparently will have a clear view of the entire field, although I'd prefer you did not sue me if it turns out otherwise.

Here's something else I discovered, which I bet a lot of people don't know. By the Orioles' count, about 100 of the 48,000 chairs in the new ballpark are obstructed-view seats.

None of these seats is behind pillar because, unlike Memorial Stadium, the new ballpark is pillar-free. However, some seats are blocked by the overhang of the club level. They are the last few rows of terrace-box seats, from which views of pop-ups and portions of the main scoreboard may be obscured.

A majority of the 100 seats are in the upper deck, and are considered obstructed because they are directly in front of safety railings, which may slightly restrict views. These seats are not being sold as season tickets, however, so I'm guessing you're in the clear.

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