Duckworth Has Integrity


March 01, 1992

From: Christopher P. Tyler

Glen Burnie

After attending the Republican forum at Anne Arundel Community College Tuesday night, Feb. 11, I am more convinced than ever that LisaRenshaw represents the female equivalent of Maryland's own "King of Theatrics," Gov. William Donald Schaefer.

Although Ms. Renshaw's claims that Rep. Wayne Gilchrest has broken campaign vows in his 1990 election bid may have merit, her negative tactics exhibit the kind ofunprofessionalism I do not want in Congress. Ms. Renshaw's flair forthe melodramatic in portraying herself as the victim in a smear campaign against her "good name" is textbook Schaefer.

Also, although one must give credit to Ms. Renshaw for answering honestly that she did not have the answers to certain questions posed to her at the forum, the fact must be acknowledged that if she doesn't have the answers, she shouldn't be running for Congress (she lacked knowledge on environmental questions surrounding runoffs).

Ms. Renshaw also seemed to be terribly ill-prepared in that she often quoted facts and figures concerning Congress, yet she was unable to recall the sources of such information. It is painfully clear, and unfortunately so, that negative campaigns are being used more and more by those who need to gain media attention on the basis of shock rather than substance.

That is why it is refreshing to know that Bob Duckworth represents a viable alternative to both Mr. Gilchrest and Ms. Renshaw. Mr. Duckworth has chosen to take the high road in this campaign, focusing on the need to bring Congress back to the people and away from the special interests that have incumbents in their hip pockets. As Mr. Duckworth said, "Instead of pay raises, incumbents need pink slips."

Isn't it time we elect someone who personifies the words "Republican integrity" and who will bring Congress back to the people?

I believe it is,and so does Bob Duckworth. That's why he's running for Congress.

Editor's note: The writer is a campaign worker for the Bob Duckworth campaign.


From: Dennis Stevens

Airport Coordinating Team Inc.

Why is it, Del. Pat Scannello (D-32), that you have submitted HB-31, requiring disclosure on contracts for sale or lease of the number of miles that a residential property is located from a public airport (including BWI) when that property is within 5 miles of the airport?

We thought you were elected to representpeople now residing around BWI, not those who may not even live in this state.

How does this bill help those living around BWI?

Is there some collusion with the Maryland Aviation Administration to protect it from those buying homes here who would have the audacity to complain?


From: Lola Hand


Suburbia Civic Association

We would like to thank the approximately900 people who attended the prison hearing on Feb. 20 at Glen BurnieHigh School, This tremendous presence alone speaks to the overwhelming public opposition to the Ordinance Road prison site. Certainly your voices should not be ignored.

Once again, all concerned citizens' presence is needed when the votes will be cast. Please make every effort to attend the County Council meeting on Monday, March 16 at 7:30 p.m. at County Chambers in Annapolis.

Editor's note: The letter was signed by several officers and members of the Suburbia Civic Association.


From: Patrick Corrao


It is exciting to see that we Republicans actually have a real choicein the primary for U.S. Senate. Unfortunately, one of the candidateshas decided to go negative with untruths and innuendo that I find repulsive. Ronald Reagan always talked about the 11th commandment: Speak no evil of your fellow Republican.

Unfortunately, Martha Klima has decided that she can't defeat Alan Keyes on the issues or on name recognition, so she has sent out a mailing claiming that Keyes won't represent Maryland and under his picture she says that he supports "increased welfare payments."

How outrageous. She also has a piece that asks: "What can Martha Klima do that Alan Keyes can't?" At the very least, the piece lacks tact and at the worst has sexist overtones.

Well, Ms. Klima, you have helped me decide whom to support: Alan Keyes.

Alan Keyes' message has been issue-oriented, and he states where he stands on issues such as taxes and government spending. AlanKeyes has been fighting wasteful spending in Maryland and D.C. In his advertisement he stated that he will work to decrease the tax load on Marylanders. That's what I want in a senator, not someone who wants to win on innuendo and negative campaigning.

Please send the politicians a message: Negative campaigning in a Republican Primary won't work!

Vote for Alan Keyes.


From: Brian A. Kirby

Glen Burnie Park Civic Association

Airport representative

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