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March 01, 1992

Del. Patrick Scannello may withdraw state legislation requesting $150,000 to expand the parking lot at the Pascal Senior Center in Glen Burnie.

Scannello, a Democrat from Glen Burnie, has received assurances from Secretary of Transportation O. James Lighthizer that state land may be available for the parking lot project once construction on Interstate 97 and the realignment of Dorsey Road is complete. If the state provides the land, County Executive Robert R. Neall has said the county will finance construction.

The senior center is drawing a capacity crowd to its daily activities, forcing many seniors to park along the shoulder of Dorsey Road.The center has space for 65 cars.

Scannello said he's concerned the seniors could be injured. "You know how the old-timers are," he said. "They aren't as quick as they used to be."

The proposed expansion would double the parking lot's size.


The Ann Arrundell Historical Society wants $287,000 to develop a "truck farm" museum at the Benson-Hammond House, a historic farm house onan isolated corner of the Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

Truck, or vegetable, farms dominated northern Anne Arundel County for over 100 years, said William R. Mumford, chairman of the historical society. More than 350 truck farmers in the county developed a rich culture, much of which has been lost since they began disappearing , he said.

"Truck farms have been given short shrift in the history books," Mumford said. "There is a culture here that we feel needsto be preserved."

The historical society began moving authentic truck-farm buildings to the Benson-Hammond site last year. It is only the second farm museum in Maryland.

"We hear so many bad things about the airport, but certainly this would be a great project in Anne Arundel County history," said Del. Victor Sulin, a Democrat from Severn. Sulin sponsored the bond request.

The Benson-Hammond House, atAviation Boulevard and Andover Road, is open Monday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more information, call 768-9518.

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