Convention Picks

March 01, 1992

Selecting a presidential nominee on Tuesday is only half the job for voters. They also have to choose delegates for the Democratic and Republican national conventions.

On the Republican side, the task is simple: Pick three candidates from a long list of convention hopefuls. Those who are on the Buchanan or Bush slates are so indicated. The winners will be the ones with the highest vote totals in each district.

The Democratic balloting is complex. Depending on your congressional district, you'll choose 5, 6 or 7 convention delegates. There's a separate vote for female delegates and for male delegates. The affiliation of each convention hopeful is indicated (Brown, Clinton, Harkin, Kerrey, Tsongas or uncommitted). But the winners may not actually win: it depends on the allocation based on the vote total each presidential contender receives in each district. Confused? All you have to remember Tuesday is to check the delegate candidates' affiliation and select the ones who will best represent your views at the Democratic convention.

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