Schedule of legislative hearings

March 01, 1992

ANNAPOLIS (AP) Committees of the Maryland General Assembly have scheduled the following hearings for this week:



Budget and Taxation: SB206, Calvert County, public facilities bonds; SB250, Washington County, public facilities bonds; SB295, Maryland health and higher educational facilities authority, hospital, definition; SB368, Cecil County, hotel rental tax; SB374, Cecil County, boat slip tax; SB384, corporation income tax, apportionment formula; SB420, inheritance tax exemption, small estates; SB460, municipal corporations, express powers, authority to tax; SB501, Garrett County, hotel rental tax; SB508, Cecil County, local source income tax; SB520, municipal corporations, authority to tax motels and related establishments; SB521, municipal corporations, boat slip user fee; SB522, video tape rentals; SB571, clean bay and ground water protection, fertilizer and pesticide tax; SB618, reserve accounts, political subdivisions; SB642, sales and use tax, personal liability; SB665, air pollution tax; SB743, Cecil County, public school bonds, 1 p.m., Senate Office Building.

Economic and Environmental Affairs: SB346, Baltimore, alcohol; SB485, beverage containers, mandatory deposits, 1 p.m., Senate Office Building.


Appropriations: HB570, teachers, early retirement; HB604, HB986, HB1286, state police, early retirement; HB791, HB984, state employees, early retirement; HB1091, election of a service retirement allowance; HB1438, retirement, correctional security chiefs; HB1432, pensions, investment of funds by political subdivisions, 3 p.m., House Office Building.

Judiciary: HB627, child abuse and neglect, definition; HB653, domestic violence, warrantless arrest, mandatory; HB759, marriage license fees, funding domestic violence programs, elimination of maximum fee; HB892, adult protective services, vulnerable adults, records expungement; HB1016, child abuse and neglect, reports and records; HB1104, child sexual abuse, penalties, 3 p.m., House Office Building.



Budget and Taxation: decision meeting, 2 p.m., Room 100, Senate Office Building.

Economic and Environmental Affairs: SB488, forest conservation, Somerset County; SB543, taxidermist and fur tanner's license, scope of license; SB559, interstate wildlife violator compact; SB675, voluntary nomination and dedication of natural areas for preservation, Maryland nature preserves board; SJ16, fish passage facilities, construction, 1 p.m., Senate Office Building.

Finance: SB57, Maryland Stadium Authority, football stadium; SB155, Maryland Stadium Authority, development powers; SB176, health insurance, summary benefits explanation; SB562, health care cost containment, uniform claims forms; SB588, office for children, youth and families, disabled children, out-of-state placement; SB671, general public assistance, eligibility and guidelines; SB711, mental health, release; SB722, compulsive gamblers counseling fund, 1 p.m., Senate Office Building.

Judicial Proceedings: SB333, child abuse, victim testimony, closed circuit television; SB334, reports of suspected child abuse out of state; SB429, child sex offense victims, use of out of court statements; SB480, criminal procedure, competency of child victim to testify; SB481, domestic violence, protective order, civil fine; SB482, child abuse, admitting out of court statement of child; SB621, criminal background investigations, child care facilities; SB660, child neglect, presence of drugs, detection, reporting and care, 1 p.m., Senate Office Building.


Appropriations: HB446, Carroll County, volunteer fire departments' bonds; HB700, Calvert County, public facilities bonds; HB723, Maryland higher education supplemental loan authority, reports and audits; HB749, St. Mary's County, hospital bonds; HB764, St. Mary's County, public facilities bonds; HB976, state employees, religious leave flex time; HB1013, Carroll County, public facilities bonds; HB1467, revenue stabilization account, required appropriations; HB1474, state budget; HB1503, program open space, financing; HJ26, task force on public school construction finance, 11 a.m., House Office Building.

Subcommittee on Education and Human Resources: work session, 2 p.m., Room 130, House Office Building.

Subcommittee on Health and the Environment: budget hearings on Health and Mental Hygiene Department, medical care, 2 p.m., Room 406, House Office Building.

Subcommittee on Law Enforcement and Transportation: budget hearings on state police; pretrial release; parole commission; parole and probation, 2 p.m., Room 431, House Office Building.

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