Carroll capsule

March 01, 1992

Zoning agenda varied

SYKESVILLE - The Planning and Zoning Commission will meet at 7 p.m. tomorrow at the Town House to discuss the Boulder Hill Estates preliminary plan and new storm water management system.

Also on the agenda will be Shannon Run, Phase I, Section C, concept plans and Phase II revised plans and construction drawings.

The commission will continue its work on small town guidelines for developers. Results of the recent Transportation Conference will be discussed.

A report on the Bloomfield Manor historic site sewer connection will be given.

Information: 795-6390.

Council meets tomorrow

MOUNT AIRY - At its regular monthly meeting tomorrow, the Town Council will continue discussion on whether to invite a second cable TV operator to town.

The meeting is scheduled for 8 p.m. at Town Hall.

The council has been considering granting a franchise in Mount Airy to Frederick Cablevision Inc. Council members have cited growing dissatisfaction with Prestige Cable TV of Maryland Inc., currently the town's sole operator.

Recently Frederick Cablevision submitted to the council a proposed operating agreement. The proposal was studied by the town's cable commission and sent to the council for further review.

Library friends to meet

MOUNT AIRY - Residents who are hoping to help the Mount airy library will meet March 10 at Calvary United Methodist Church.

"We want to get as much talk in Mount Airy about the new library as possible," said library trustee Eugenia Gartrell. "People are already asking 'How's the new library coming?' so we're expecting a good turnout for the meeting."

Scott Rinehart will present an update on the new branch at the informational meeting.

The group's head, Donna Carr lives in the Carroll half of Mount Airy and teaches in the Frederick County public schools.

"She's got a foot in both camps, so this will help us think about not only the Carroll County patrons, but the Frederick County patrons as well." Gartrell said, adding that 40 percent of the library patrons live in Frederick County.

"I hope that this will be a seed to promote more cooperation between the two counties." she said.

In other library news:

Director Martha M. Makosky said the county's library has the second highest per capita circulation in the state. Carroll circulates 18.1 items per resident, while Baltimore County circulates 18.8 items per person.

Herb Davis, trustee for the Baltimore County library, spoke to the board about the American Library Trustees Association meeting in San Antonio.

Students win $175 grant

WESTMINSTER - A research and creativity grant from Western Maryland College has made possible the start of an ambitious project by students who have formed the new Women's Music Awareness Group.

Most of the $175 grant will be used to do research, purchase tapes and compact disks to form the genesis of a women's music library for the campus of the private, liberal arts college.

The group will begin further promoting women's music starting in March, Women's History Month, by:

Airing specific female musician's and singers on the campus radio station, WMCR, from 9 to 10:30 p.m. Tuesdays.

* Having lectures.

* Submitting articles on women musicians to local and college newspapers.

The students will select women for inclusion in the project based on their contributions to women's music, history and culture, said Kristine Holland, the junior theater and writing major who is heading the project.

They also have been asking, women musicians and publishers of women's music to donate sheet music or recordings - a request which already has been obliged by some of those solicited, Holland said.

"Campus support has been, strong, with professors donating tapes or contributing money from departments concerned with women's issues," she said.

Holland said the Political Action Coalition, another student group, also has donated $200.

"Other supportive student groups have been the Women Making Changes and the Gay and Lesbian Alliance, which helped start the project."

Some of the women who will be highlighted through the project are Billie Holliday, Aretha Franklin, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Kay Gardner, Chris Williamson and Holly Near.

"We want to build up empowering music from different eras and show how women have affected music." said Holland.

Information: 857-2290.

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