From The Sun March 1-7, 1842MARCH 2: We learn that the...


March 01, 1992|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun March 1-7, 1842

MARCH 2: We learn that the $30,000 loan advertised by the city has been taken. The money is wanted to pay an installment on the city's subscription to the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and is payable in the orders of that Company.

MARCH 5: Last night, just after all respectable people except newspaper folks were gone to bed, our city was visited with the first thunder and lightning of the season; it came with its accustomed attendant, a heavy shower of rain.

From The Sun March 1-7, 1892

MARCH 2: T. H. Ridgely, of the Lutherville Improvement Association, has informed the commissioners that the place wants ten more lamps, which the association will get if the county will fill and light the lamps.

MARCH 3: The "woman question" which has agitated the world of Methodism ever since Miss Frances Willard and several other champions of feminine equality were denied admission to the New York General Conference four years ago, came up yesterday in the Baltimore Conference.

From The Sun March 1-7, 1942

MARCH 2: Governor O'Conor today took the first step in the latest struggle to restore the crabbing industry to its one-time peak in order to meet the demand for crabs and crabmeat caused by the stoppage of imported crabmeat from Japan.

MARCH 3: Unless there is immediate and stringent curtailment of fuel oil consumption in this city, there is a grave possibility there will be none for sale here next week, producers warned yesterday.

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