* The stock market's most-watched barometer, the Dow Jones...

Market Notes

March 01, 1992

* The stock market's most-watched barometer, the Dow Jones industrial average, hit some new records as Wall Street continued to forecast recovery.

The Dow hit an all-time high of 3,282.42 points Monday, then broke that record by moving to 3,283.32 on Wednesday. Stocks then cooled off, finishing the week at 3,267.67, down 12.52 points from the week before.

The NASDAQ composite index for the over-the-counter market rose 3.72, to 633.47, and the American Stock Exchange market value index was up 3.24 at 416.09.

* More economic woe unfolded, with the usual bright bits of news thrown in for good measure. Home sales fell, jobless claims were up and consumers lacked confidence more than they have for 18 years. But the econony grew at the end of last year more than first thought, and orders for costly items rose.

* But the mix of conflicting signals on the economy was overshadowed by the bloated giant of U.S. industry, General Motors Corp., as it began doling out details of its coming cutbacks.

GM Chairman Robert C. Stempel told his work force where the ax will fall as GM seeks to shrink to a size where it can return to profitability. GM also said it lost a record $4.45 billion for the year. It was the worst loss in U.S. corporate history.

* Precious metals futures showed modest gains on New York's Commodity Exchange.

April gold jumped to $354.10 cents a troy ounce from $352.50; March silver rose to $4.10 a troy ounce from $4.098.

* Crude oil and unleaded gasoline rose on the New York Mercantile Exchange while natural gas and heating oil retreated.

Crude oil for April delivery rose to $18.68 a barrel from $18.66; March heating oil slid to 51.52 cents a gallon from 52.71 cents.

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