Leap Day Birthdays

February 29, 1992

For the Cunninghams of Severna Park, today is twice as nice.

There's Janet Cunningham, born on Feb. 29, 1960, who is celebrating her birthday today. Daughter Erin Michelle Cunningham, born Feb. 29, 1988, is also celebrating her birthday. Janet Cunningham is a leap baby who had a leap baby.

"I guess this would make me 8 years old," Mrs. Cunningham said.

Erin Michelle, her mother said, "knows, but she doesn't really understand." When Erin Michelle is asked what birthday this is, she responds, "one leap year."

Except for leap years, mother and daughter celebrate their birthdays on Feb. 28, said Mrs. Cunningham. "I say why wait a day for my presents?"

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