Westinghouse bus-control system

February 28, 1992|By Ted Shelsby | Ted Shelsby,Staff Writer

As the people at the local Westinghouse division see it, there's not a big difference in keeping track of tanks on the battlefield and MTA buses making their way around the city.

Westinghouse Electronic Systems Group in Linthicum has announced the sale to Milwaukee County, for $8.4 million, of a newmass transit vehicle management system that taps into the technology used in the Persian Gulf war last year.

The system includes a communication network that, using a global positioning satellite, allows a dispatcher to determine the location, to within about 50 yards, of all buses in his system at all times.

If there is a traffic jam ahead, the dispatcher can steer a bus onto a less congested route.

If a bus breaks down, the dispatcher can send out a mechanic immediately.

With the system now in use, the dispatcher would be aware of a problem only when the bus did not reach the next checkpoint along its route.

Under the contract, Westinghouse will produce the software for the mapping system and is responsible for its installation and testing, and the training of operators.

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