Sometimes, resisting a bargain is the right decision

SAVING in Style

February 27, 1992|By Vida Roberts | Vida Roberts,Staff Writer

Petite women advised against straying

Staying stylish is often more a question of proportion than cash outlay. How many bracelets is too much? Are tiny pearl earrings enough? Should the skirt come up half an inch?

Proportion is particularly important to women who wear a petite size. But the dears sometimes cannot resist a bargain and stray into other departments to pick up a markdown special that idles in the closet waiting for sleeves to be shortened.

Laurie Van Brundt, vice president of merchandising for Petite Sophisticates says shopping in the right size group makes more sense because petite clothes are cut for a short figure and will fit better in the shoulder, waist and torso. She offers wardrobe tips that can stretch a look.

* Accessories count. Put your money into earrings and necklaces because they draw the eye upward.

* When dressing for work, choose solid color suits that feature a curved jacket to ease the transition from jacket to skirt. A bonus is the time saved by the eliminating those morning minutes spent trying to mix an assortment of separates.

* Choose hosiery and shoes coordinated to the color of skirts and dresses. The tall world looks down at petites; keep visual interest off the floor and near the face.

* A petite can wear hemlines long or short, but an inch either way can throw the whole picture out of line. When you shop, experiment in front of the mirror with the right heel height for the best effect.

Money-saving cosmetics

Cosmetics manufacturers generate sales by offering new colors, new packaging and promotional give-aways. Once new products are introduced, department store inventories are cleared to display the new shapes and designs in lipsticks and eye colors. Although many new tints are introduced each season, most manufacturers continue to offer popular shades year after year. Think about it, there are just so many possible variables of lipstick red in a color spectrum.

So what happens to new/old cosmetics? They end up in jobber or close-out stores such as Amazing Savings in the Pikesville Shopping Center on Reisterstown Road.

This variety store has a little bit of everything -- gifts, housewares and school supplies. The stock turns over quickly and is unpredictable because it is gathered from manufacturer and retail closeouts. But there is a steady flow of fine cosmetics. For example, on a recent visit, a famous-name set of three nail polishes was selling for 99 cents; the original price was $19.99. If you care more for the nail color than the shape of the bottle you're in luck. There is also a large selection of recognized skin-care and hair products at below drugstore prices.

On the accessory end, the store has $125 Dick Tracy watches for $15.99. Granted, the Dick Tracy trend never caught on, but a fashion renegade might wear it just for fun. Amazing Savings is closed Saturdays. Call (410) 653-5125 for hours and information.

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