As tribute to Ashman, proceeds from 'Beauty' go to AIDS Action

February 26, 1992|By Jean Marbella

Proceeds from today's five shows of "Beauty and the Beast" at the Senator Theatre will be donated to AIDS Action Baltimore in memory of Howard Ashman, its executive producer and lyricist.

"When I first saw the movie," Senator owner Tom Kiefaber said of the Oscar-nominated movie, "I was struck by two things: its incredible beauty and achievement and that, by the time of its release, Howard Ashman had succumbed to AIDS. I just hope people will recognize that there's a lot of beauty in this world that is being snuffed out by this beast called AIDS."

Mr. Ashman, who was born in Baltimore, died of AIDS last March. He was 40.

The movie is the first animated film to win an Oscar nomination for best picture. Its score and three of its songs were also nominated for Oscars.

The movie will run for at least two weeks at the Senator.

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