Howard County strides to team wins


February 25, 1992|By Michael Reeb | Michael Reeb,Staff Writer

Unlike most road races in which individual competition gets top billing, the team's the thing when the Maryland-District of Columbia chapters of the Road Runners Club of America hold their 10-Mile Team Challenge each February at Howard Community College.

In the closest race in the history of the event, the Baltimore Road Runners Club got top-10 finishes by Doug Mock, Stavros Rologas, Brad Uhlfelder, Robert Yara, Robin Punt and Andy Passmore, but lost in the men's, women's and overall team divisions to the host Howard County Striders.

To qualify in the team standings, a team must have a minimum of 12 runners. The number of runners who count in the standings, however, is determined by the number of runners on the smallest team. This year's number was 14. Howard County finished with 820 points in the men's division to Baltimore's 874. In the women's division, HCS had the edge over Baltimore, 22 to 23, and in the overall standings, it was Howard County, 842 to 897.

Mock, in peak form after a winter of indoor meets, ran away with first place, finishing in 51 minutes, 13 seconds -- 13 seconds ahead of second-place Rologas and 15 seconds ahead of third-place Gerry Clapper, running for the Howard County Striders.

Donna Moore, representing the Montgomery County Road Runners Club, won the women's division in 1:01:19.

"He took off at seven [miles]," Clapper said about Mock.

"He threw in a hard surge there," said Dave Berardi, who ran for Howard County and finished fourth.

"I felt good so I let it go on the downhill," Mock said. "I heard hard breathing, so I continued to push it. I haven't backed off [from racing] since last May. I'm really looking forward to the outdoor season."

In keeping with the spirit of the race, camaraderie was apparent and the kidding good-natured as the runners shared post-race notes.

"Baltimore recruited its top two finishes just for this race," Berardi said with a smile. "Here's a guy [Mock] from Salisbury, who lives in PG [Prince George's] County whose father once upon a time was a member of the Baltimore Road Runners."

Mock to Berardi, who lives in Catonsville: "Had I known you had such an emotional and physical attachment to Howard County, I may have run with you."

The kidding aside, Mock, 24, offered the secret to his peak early-season form.

"I'd like to run some more 5,000s inside," said Mock, who recently graduated from Salisbury State and is in search of a teaching job. "I was going to skip the indoor season, but when I was in college, my coach always went to the trouble of finding indoor meets for me. I think they're good, if only for the workout."

Workouts with other members of Sunday's top 10 also have helped him.

"Since I've moved back here," Mock said, "I've done [speed] workouts with Brad [Uhlfelder] and long runs with Dave [Berardi]."

` The top finishers:

Males: 1. Doug Mock, Baltimore Road Runners Club, 51:13; 2. Stavros Rologas, BRRC, 51:26; 3. Gerry Clapper, Howard County Striders, 51:28; 4. Dave Berardi, HCS, 51:50; 5. Brad Uhlfelder, BRRC, 52:48; 6. Robert Yara, BRRC, 52:58; 7. James Pryde, Renaissance AllSports Athletic Club, 53:15; 8. Robin Punt, BRRC, 53:40; 9. Domenic Da Luz, Montgomery County Road Runners Club, 53:41; 10. Andy Passmore, BCRRC, 54:23.

Females: 1. Donna Moore, MCRRC, 1:01:19; 1. Marianne Jensen, BRRC, 1:02:19; 3. Marge Rosasco, BRRC, 1:02:31; 4. Robyn Humphrey, HCS, 1:03:25; 5. Dolly Ginter, HCS, 1:04:31; 6. Geriann Bell, HCS, 1:05:53; 7. Vicki Lang, HCS, 1:06:01; 8. Nancy Gugerty, BRRC, 1:07:34; 9. Jenny Caple, Westminster Road Runners Club, 1:08:35; 10. Margaret Conzer, RASAC, 1:09:13.


Males: 1. HCS, 820; 2. BRRC, 874; 3. MCRRC, 1,613; 3. RASAC, 4. Frederick County Steeplechasers, 3,077; 5. Annapolis Striders, 4,218.

Females: 1. HCS, 22; 2. BRRC, 23; 3. MCRRC, 39; 4. RASAC, 80; 5. Annapolis, 115; 6. Frederick, 131.

Overall: 1. HCS, 842; 2. BRRC, 897; 3. MCRRC, 1,652; 4. RASAC, 2,917; 5. FCS, 3,208; 6. Annapolis, 4,333.* 0

Saturday's top finishers:

Washington's Birthday 5K At Arnold Males: 1. Robert Marino, 15:26; 2. Bruce Frame, 15:36; 3. Tom Romano, 15:59; 4. Steve Egolf, 16:24; 5. David Webster, 16:27; 6. Dennis Albright, 16:32; 7. Anthony Grier, 16:35; 8. Wayne Gordon, 16:46; 9. Tom Prendki, 16:56; 10. Matt Mace, 17:00.

Females: 1. Carole Cosenza, 18:53; 2. Minda Whiteman, 20:21; 3. Mary Ann Zuckerman, 20:29; 4. Jennifer Lundeen, 20:31; 5. Sherry Kosnar, 21:01; 6. Katherine Whitesel, 21:34; 7. Kitty Good, 21:37; 8. Michele Ramsey, 21:59; 9. Cindy Contarino, 22:00; 10. Shauna Donahue, 22:19.



Saturday, RASAC Polar Bear 5K, Street, 9 a.m., (410) 836-1784.

Sunday, Myers Memorial 8K, Brooklyn, 9 a.m., (410) 882-5455.

Sunday, The Bethesda Chase 20K, Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School, 10:15 a.m.

Sunday, HCS Winter Series 2M, 10K, 15K, Jeffers Hill Neighborhood Center, 2 p.m., (410) 964-1998.

March 7, WRRC Target Affinity 5K, 10K, Western Maryland College, 8 a.m., (410) 848-9248.

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