As Election Approaches, Few Candidates Step Forward

Deadline To Fileonly One Week Away

February 25, 1992|By Peter Hermann | Peter Hermann,Staff writer

With the registration deadline less than a week away, few candidatesfor Crofton's upcoming election have stepped forward.

Citing timeconstraints, at least three members of the board of directors who govern the special tax district say they will not run for another two-year term, and two members say they haven't made up their minds yet.

As of yesterday, only current president Ed Dosek had officially signed up to run for the 13-member board. He is running for a second term as president. Board member Wes Coghill said he will file this week.

"I think there are an awful lot of people complaining and not alot of people willing to commit their time," said Ed Reilly, chairman of the nominating certification committee. "People are willing to criticize and not contribute."

Reilly said that in 1990, 30 people had signed up to run for 13 board positions two weeks before the filing deadline. This year's deadline is March 1. The election is in May.

Dosek, who has complained about apathetic residents before, said people should get more involved. "I think competition is great," he said, adding that he wishes many of the current board members would stay.

"The community would be losing quite a bit," he said. "They need to consider being in there again. I feel like it's a civic duty."

But the board members who have decided not to seek relection say they just don't have time.

"I spend as much time in committee meetings as I do at board meetings," said Gene Drury, the board secretary who has served four years.

"It's a little too intensive. I have young kids who are active in local sports programs. Something has got to give."

Board member Kathy Puhak agreed, saying she is involved "in too many activities." She teaches religious education at her church, volunteers at an elementary school and is busy with four children,ages 4 to 16.

Although she said last week that she will not run, she said "some people are after me to change my mind." Puhak has beena board member for eight years.

Al Aldo, who heads the public safety committee, said he has "accomplished what I want to do" in his two-year term. "It's good for the community to have fresh people," he said, adding that being manager of Sherwood Forest, a community off General's Highway, takes most of his time.

Vice President John Maloney and board member Arlo Pederson said they have not decided whether to run. "I'm thinking," said Maloney, who has served four years.

At least two people who ran for election in 1990, but lost, are considering entering this year's race.

But Cathy Trebelhorn, who lost a bitterly contested election against Dosek, and John Morone, who ran as her vice president, said they haven't decided yet.

"Some people have been talking to me," said Trebelhorn, who disagrees with Dosek and Town Manager Jordan Harding on the direction the board has taken this past year.

"I think the community has been very disinterested and uninvolved," she said.

"The board is not interested in hearingfrom members of the community. . . . Board members don't want to hear what they have to say."

Trebelhorn also said Harding has too much freedom in making policy. But she said she probably will not run for president.

Morone also said that if he runs, it would be for a board position and not for president.

"I don't have the time that it takes," he said.

"If I run again, the primary reason would be toget involved in the community again."

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