Who Cares?Editor: The recent controversy involving...


February 25, 1992

Who Cares?

Editor: The recent controversy involving presidential candidate Bill Clinton is nothing more than an under-handed attempt to discredit a man who has a great plan for America. For the national news media to give any credence at all to this story is appalling, knowing the reputation of the Star, the newspaper in which the story first appeared. Gennifer Flowers was monetarily compensated for her accusation, which is full of discrepancies. To accept her story as fact is doing a grave injustice to a fine man.

Rumors of adulterous affairs should not be used as criteria for electing a president of the United States. If so, than men such as Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, Franklin Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Kennedy would never have occupied the White House.

Besides, who really cares if Governor Clinton did have an extramarital affair in the past? This is a private matter between Bill Clinton and his wife. We, as Americans, should not expect our presidents to be perfect. They are human beings, with frailties and weaknesses like the rest of us. Democracy is the real loser when Americans start judging political candidates solely on how they live their private lives rather than where they stand on the issues.

Americans who desperately need a job could care less about a presidential candidate's private life. What concerns them is how that candidate, as president, will solve America's unemployment problem.

Thomas F. Cotter.


Abortion Studies

Editor: Charles Serio's letter (''Abortion Trauma,'' Jan. 28) accuses me of failure to get the facts straight. The failure is Mr. Serio's. He quotes bogus statistics from a counterfeit report and then falsely claims these ''facts'' come from Planned Parenthood.

After reviewing more than 250 studies of the psychological outcomes of abortion, former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop concluded that there is no reliable research to support the contention that abortion is dangerous to a woman's mental health.

An expert panel of the American Psychiatric Association unanimously concluded that ''legal abortion, particularly in the first trimester, does not create psychological hazards for most women.''

In arguing otherwise, Mr. Serio quotes what he claims is a Planned Parenthood report. In fact, he quotes from a forged document perpetrated by anti-choice extremists.

Planned Parenthood's general counsel has demanded that the so-called ''National Right to Life Committee'' cease and desist from distributing or publishing this false and defamatory document.

Jim Guest.


The writer is president of Planned Parenthood of Maryland.

And Pigs Fly

Editor: Am I the only one less concerned with Bill Clinton's relationship with Gennifer Flowers while she was an employee of the state of Arkansas than with George Bush's relationship with Manuel Noriega while he was an employee of the CIA?

On the one hand we have Mr. Clinton approving the lethal injection of a retarded African American convicted of murder, his support of parental notification and his denial of Medicaid abortions to poor women, and on the other hand Mr. Bush telling the American people (with a straight face before a gutless Mike ** Dukakis) that he didn't know Noriega was dealing in drugs until after he was indicted. Sure. And pigs fly!

Both Mr. Clinton and Mr. Bush have no real plans for national health insurance. Instead of a single-payer, state-administered, comprehensive system, they still believe that private insurance run by over a thousand profiteering companies will provide coverage for us all.

Thus once again in November we will have a choice between Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

Gerald B. Shargel.


Monitor Local Officials!

Editor: Perhaps it's because I grew up in Nebraska. I know we do things differently there. But since moving to Baltimore five years ago, I continue to be stunned at how The Sun totally ignores the city's congressional and state legislative delegations.

Thanks to a recent issue of The Sun, I know how a 26-year veteran of the U.S. Postal Service from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, feels about the president's economic recovery plan -- but I haven't a clue as to how our elected representatives feel. An article on the governor's budget quoted state legislators from Montgomery and Prince George's counties -- but not one word from anyone representing the Baltimore metropolitan area.

Having been a staff worker in Congress and three state legislatures for the last 20 years, I understand you may be concerned that legislators' news tends to be free publicity for incumbents. But no news destroys the ability of the public to hold our elected officials accountable for their actions and inactions. In that effort, it's essential that we monitor all three branches of government and not just hang on every word and sneeze of the president, governor and mayor.

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