Canadians refrain from celebration with goal to go

February 23, 1992

Dave King's eyes, bleary as the Olympic grind winds up, still see what others miss -- the weaknesses of an enemy he must exploit, the strengths he must shut down.

King must see clearly against one more opponent in the Winter Games: the Unified Team in today's gold-medal hockey game.

The Canadian hockey coach refrained from getting excited Friday night when his country clinched its first medal in 24 years. Canada hasn't won the gold since 1952.

"I'm going to wait 'til it's over," King said in a voice that has grown scratchier as the Olympics have worn on. "I don't really ever celebrate very much anyway. I'm a real deadbeat."

The Canadians (6-1) advanced by beating Czechoslovakia, 4-2. The Unified Team (6-1) advanced with a 5-2 win over the United States.

A vintage performance

Some athletes maintain rigorous diets to give them an edge, but Maurilio De Zolt's would hardly classify as top secret.

"I have a Mediterranean diet. I have bread and honey for breakfast with coffee, then pasta and a grilled steak washed down with two or three glasses of wine," said the 41-year-old Italian, who was second in the 50-kilometer cross country skiing yesterday.

He finished less than a minute behind Norwegian winner Bjorn Dahlie.

"If I had been drinking as much as De Zolt I don't think I could start today," Dahlie said.


The quote

"There are two groups of [Unified Team] athletes leaving these games. There are those will get jobs skating in ice shows and hockey teams in the West. The rest will have to get in line for bread at 6 in the morning." Constantin Kleshchev of ETAR-TASS, the Russian news agency.

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