Dear Stadium Doctor:I read recently in The Sun of the...

Stadium Doctor

February 23, 1992

Dear Stadium Doctor:

I read recently in The Sun of the various means of transportation to take to the new stadium. However, the article failed to mention that the subway does not currently operate on Sunday.

Will the subway run on game Sundays, and will it run late if the game has been delayed or if it is a rare doubleheader?

Deborah A. Fournier


Dear Deborah A. Fournier:

I have obtained valuable information, which I happily will share on the condition that, in future letters, you drop the formalities. Call me "Stadium." The news is heartening. Beginning April 5, and continuing through the Orioles season, the Metro will operate every Sunday (whether or not team is playing downtown).

Normal hours will be 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. In case of a night or an extra-inning game, service will be extended to serve ballgame commuters, according to Mass Transit spokeswoman Dianna Rosborough.

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