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February 23, 1992

From: Deborah M. Doxzon

Residents for a Healthier

Union Bridge

Having attended a public hearing sponsored by theWashington County delegation on Feb. 8, I feel it imperative for citizens and elected officials in counties neighboring Carroll County and Washington County to familiarize themselves with two pieces of legislation which will have a tremendous impact on the burning of hazardous waste in Maryland.

House Bill 1227 places a three-year moratorium on the burning of hazardous waste in cement kilns. During this time span, studies and investigations will be conducted to see if, in fact, cement kilns can burn hazardous waste in an effective, efficient and safe manner.

Currently, too many questions remain unanswered. We need facts, not propaganda on which to base our actions.

SenateBill 415 imposes a site restriction on the burning of hazardous waste. As introduced, the bill denies burning of hazardous waste within ahalf-mile radius of the plant to schools, residences, hospitals, public parks, etc.

Although I think the intent of the bill has much merit, I would like to see the site restriction increased to at least one mile. In Union Bridge, Lehigh Portland Cement Co. is certainly within two miles of Elmer Wolfe Elementary School. Even two miles sounds too close to burn hazardous substances.

But the passing of this bill is important -- the distance restriction can be "ironed out" along the way.

It is time that all residents of Maryland open their eyes to the potential environmental dangers we may face if "foundation" bills such as these are not made law.

Some time ago Lehigh Portland Cement Co. submitted a request to burn hazardous waste. Granted, last year they "pulled" this request, but have readily admitted the possibility of making the request again.

Now, Hagerstown's cement company, Independent Cement Co., is expressing interest in burning these substances. Should these hazardous materials be burned by either cement company? Don't think for a moment that the contaminants remain local to those cement kilns. The by-products filter into all parts ofsurrounding counties -- and further.

Do we want hazardous waste burned in our counties of Carroll, Frederick, Baltimore, Howard or Washington? Do we want it burned in any county in Maryland?

I say NO!The cement industry would like for us to believe they need to burn hazardous waste in order to keep their costs down to remain competitive with the foreign market. But they are the foreign market. These companies are foreign-owned.

The bottom line is that they want to burn hazardous waste to profit themselves. We, the citizens, have nothing to gain from this burning and everything to lose -- our health, ourclean air and water, the integrity of life in general.

We need toact as a united front like our neighbors in Washington County. Show your support by attending the public hearing in Annapolis at 1 p.m. Wednesday on House Bill 1227 (moratorium), Room 161, Lowe Office Building, (410) 841-3534.

(A public hearing on Senate Bill 415 (site restriction) was last Wednesday.)

You also can contact your representatives direct by calling toll-free (800) 492-7122.

It is our civic duty to help keep our environment safe. We must be responsible and accountable for our actions. Our opinions count, and they should and must be heard.

Keep the burning of hazardous waste out of Carroll County, Frederick County, Washington County, Baltimore County, HowardCounty and all counties in Maryland.


From: Asbury Joe Francis


Since you had the courage to printthe perk article (which in fact is an anti-tax article), would you consider an in-depth look at public pay vs. private pay in Maryland?

Which side -- public or private -- fares better (makes more money)?

Figures vary, but apparently, in Carroll County, the average school teacher makes plus $42,000 for 12 months' work, while the average Carroll County worker makes $18,000.

I would invite you to do yoursurvey in Carroll County, as we are very much debating this issue presently in the county.

I am sure Commissioner Elmer Lippy would see that county personnel assist you in your fact gathering, as he is interested in the "truth."

I truly believe Carroll countians are intelligent people capable of governing themselves, for the good of allpeople if we know all the facts.


From: Kimberly P. Hutchinson

Supported Employment


Carroll Haven


On behalf of Carroll Haven Inc. and Kay Brown, Iwould like to thank you for the wonderful photograph and article featured in last Wednesday's Carroll County Sun (Feb. 12, "Westminster woman garners employment award").

This feature positively portrayedKay's successes and our Supported Employment service.

One of our goals at Carroll Haven is to promote positive community awareness andrefute negative stereotypes concerning the abilities of persons withdisabilities.

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