Cross Runs Campaign

February 23, 1992

ELDERSBURG — Gail Reilly Cross has been named Carroll County campaign manager anddelegate candidate to the national convention by the Bill Clinton for President Committee.

A former Carroll County Orphans Court judgeand longtime Democratic activist, Cross said she accepted both positions because she is "absolutely convinced that Bill Clinton is the moderate Democrat we've been looking for.

"I think he's got mass appeal. He's very intelligent and he has asense of the working class and their problems, and he's a true patriot," she said.

With Clinton on the primary election ballot for president and herself as convention candidate, Cross said she will be working until March 3 to get the word out to countians and hope for a good turnout.

"We're doing great. People are calling me everyday," Cross said. "But we are looking for volunteers to make phone calls, distribute literature and target polling places."

Until the nomination is won, Cross said, she is working out of her home on the campaign and urges anyone interested in helping to call her at 795-6066.



HAMPSTEAD -- The East Carroll Republican Club and North Carroll Democratic Club are sponsoring a forum for all Charter Board candidates at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at North Carroll High School, 3801 Hampstead-Mexico Road.

The two clubs joined to sponsor the forum because the race for the Charter Board is bipartisan and non-political.

Seventeen candidates are entered in the primary election for the Charter Board, which will write the constitution for Carroll County if approved.

Information: 239-8309.



WASHINGTON -- Rep. Beverly B.Byron, D-6th, received the "Peace Through Strength Victory Award" Feb. 7 in recognition of her activities since 1979 that contributed to the dissolution of the former Soviet Union.

The award was presented to her in a Capitol Hill ceremony for her role in enacting U.S. defense and foreign policy initiatives.

Among those honoring Byron were former Secretary of State Alexander Haig Jr.; retired Adm. Thomas H. Moorer, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; retired RearAdm. Robert H. Spiro Jr., who served as an undersecretary in the Carter administration; retired Maj. Gen. Evan Hultman, AUS, executive director of the Reserve Officers Association; and Steve Ritchie, president of the American Security Council and the only Air Force pilot aceof the Vietnam conflict.

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