Green Light On U.s. 29

February 23, 1992

Motorists will not have to stop for red lights again on U.S. Route 29 between Interstate 70 and Route 32 after October, if construction crews finish overpasses for three intersections as expected.

State Highway Administration engineers expect that the new intersections for Broken Land Parkway and Seneca Drive will be finished in September,allowing the elimination of traffic lights at South Entrance Road, Owen Brown Road and Seneca Drive.

In October, the bridge connecting St. John's Lane and Route 103 is expected to be completed and open for traffic, allowing that intersection's traffic signal to be scrapped.

The entire U.S. 29/Route 103/Route 100 interchange is not scheduled for completion until late 1993, however.

Before the St. John's Lane bridge opens, road crews will have to close the two ramps connecting Columbia Road to southbound U.S. 29.

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