From The Sun Feb. 23-29, 1842FEB. 25: Ex-President Van...


February 23, 1992|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Feb. 23-29, 1842

FEB. 25: Ex-President Van Buren arrived in this city yesterday, on his way to the "Hermitage," to visit the venerable Jackson. Mr. Van Buren is in fine health and spirits and looks remarkably well. We hope he will find the "Old Roman" healthy, hearty and firm.

FEB. 28: Yesterday afternoon, two elegant ponies, attached to a barouche, became frightened in York Street, and after running over a bridge, lost one of the four wheels, in which condition they passed up Baltimore Street at the top of their speed until they arrived at Sharp Street.

From The Sun Feb. 23-29, 1892

FEB. 24: Joel Gutman, the well-known dry goods merchant, died last night of heart disease at his home, No. 1901 Eutaw Place.

FEB. 25: The roofing of the Masonic Temple, on Charles Street, was completed yesterday. It is of slate, supported by iron trusses. The old roof was curved, but a hip roof was adopted for the remodeled building, which looks higher than the old structure.

From The Sun Feb. 23-29, 1942

FEB. 23: Funeral services will be held at 3 P.M. tomorrow for Dr. Lida Lee Tall, nationally known educator and former president of the Maryland State Teachers' College at Towson who died suddenly Saturday night at her home in the Eden Hall Apartments.

FEB. 26: After more than a month of indecision the War Production Board today finally made up its mind and prohibited the use of rubber in corsets and girdles.

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