Hattery Proposes Plan

February 19, 1992

WESTMINSTER — Improving the economy will take a combination of short- and long-term measures that should not be delayed, Del. Thomas H. Hattery, D-Frederick, said yesterday at a press conference at Carroll County Foods.

Hattery, 38, is a candidate for the 6th District congressional seat now held by Beverly B. Byron.

Hattery presented a three-page "position paper" titled, "Hattery Plan for Economic Greatness: A Program to End the Reagan-Bush-Byron Recession."

"We must act decisively, aggressively and immediately to save jobs, businesses and our economic preeminence in the world," Hattery said. "The problems faced by the American economy are structural, not cyclical."

Hattery proposed using money saved from decreased military spending to build roads, schools, houses and federal laboratories.

In the long term, the government should insist on fair trading practices with foreign governments, he said.

" 'Play fair, or we'll be tough,' should be the message," he said.

The government should offer loan guarantees, venture capital funds and tax incentives for U.S. industry, he said.

"Economic greatness can be achieved for America. It will take a comprehensive integrated program that addresses strength and prosperity in all sectors of the economy," he said.

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