Association Rejects Jail

Readers write

February 19, 1992

From: Marge Huggins

Suburbia Civic Association

Following is a copy of the testimony given by our civic association president on our behalf Feb. 3 in regard to a prison for the NorthCounty area.

First, we object to the undemocratic way this prisonsite selection has been conducted.

Second, we have enough negative facilities in our area, and we don't need a prison. We hear "not inour backyard" statements floating around.

We will tell literally what is in our back yard. Many polluting industries, toxic waste landfills, leaking sanitary landfills and two medical waste incinerators,BG&E smokestacks, flash landfill, polluted creeks closed for 12 years, airport noise. And the list goes on.

We fought the Crown Oil refinery, Delta Chemicals, asphalt plants, PCBs, expansion of toxic waste landfills, etc. And because we have these facilities, we must constantly monitor the problems we still have with them, such as waste water discharge, leaking landfills and violations of emissions from thesmokestacks.

For 20 years, our people have fought to get rid of the W3 pollutant zoning and worked to encourage desirable industries to locate in our area.

Most of us felt encouraged when Chessie CSX was willing to down-zone its property to residential. Not only would homes be built on their property, but they were willing to give us a 100-acre park along the water, as well as a spoil site for the dredging of our polluted creeks, something we could not get from the county.

Finally, we thought, things are looking up. Our proposed CSX homes will be facing the prison just a half-mile across the water.

Who will use the park facing a prison, or even a half-mile away from it? Who will buy homes facing the prison?

When you needed our help with your landfills, Annapolis, Millersville and Joybohen, and help securing zoning for farmlands in South County, our leaders in North County, overwhelmed with their own problems, still came to your aid. When prizes like indoor swimming pools and parks like Quiet Water Farms were in the offing, we were too busy fighting an asphalt plant and had no time for these desirable items.

We do not know where this prison should be located, but we most definitely feel it should not be in a heavily populated area like ours. We do not begrudge the other areas of the county in obtaining the desirable facilities, but we feel it is simply immoral to expect North County, with the largest tax base in the county, to get all the waste and the other parts of the county to get the desserts.

It is with these thoughts we are hopeful that you will not pass Resolution No. 5-92.

Editor's note: This letter was signed by four other officers and board members of the Suburbia Civic Association.


From: Richard Sadler

Glen Burnie

Selecting the best site for a maximum-security prison should require better reasons than (a) the county owns the property; (b) existing Route 10 will act as a deterrence; (c) the county mustprovide water and/or sewer service if another site is selected.

The citizens of North Anne Arundel County see no redeeming value for this site selection as a maximum- or minimum-security prison. Transporting prisoners 50 miles to and from Annapolis courts almost daily viaRitchie Highway alone should be the reason not to select this location.

Ordnance Road is now a choice location for businesses such as Baymeadows Industrial Park, Price Club, Leedmark, Home Depot, Cromwell Fountain Condominiums and new housing.

We urge all citizens of Anne Arundel County to visit this area, make up their own minds about this location, and then attend the next meeting at Glen Burnie High School, Thursday, Feb. 20, at 7:30 p.m.


From:Lola Hand

Glen Burnie

In the year that dictatorship has left the Soviet Union, its spirit seems to have found another place to nest-- Annapolis.

The buzzword coming out of the Arundel Center is "done deal." The prison will be located at Ordnance Depot, and "that isthat."

In other words, the tax-paying home and business owners might as well shut their mouths and let their county and possibly theirstate take over their communities and therefore their lives. Before any hearing or notification, a "done deal."

When voting by councilmanic district was first proposed for Anne Arundel County, it has been a concern of mine. What if: The county executive had a project (such as a jail) and he wanted it located in a heavily populated area (like ours). He presents it to a seven-member council, who have only to answer to their voters in their own districts. Could six of the council people, threatened by the county executive with the cancellation of special projects within their districts, gang up on the other district and give it every undesirable project that comes down the pike?

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