Dear Stadium Doctor:I am curious about bicycle racks at...

The Stadium Doctor

February 16, 1992

Dear Stadium Doctor:

I am curious about bicycle racks at the new stadium. Due to the shortage of local parking at the stadium, my son and I will drive to a location about two or three miles from the stadium and then bicycle in. Are there any plans for bicycle racks?

William Castle

Fort Meade

Dear William Castle:

Thank you for raising this issue, which, I suspect, is of interest to a great many Baltimore Orioles fans, triathletes and Schwinn stockholders.

Here is what I found out. You can start pedaling.

The Maryland Stadium Authority has plans for at least some bicycle racks, though there's been no decision on how many or precisely where they will be set up.

As far as security, the stadium authority makes no promises. But executive director Bruce Hoffman said the racks probably will be watched by guards roaming the stadium parking lots.

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