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February 16, 1992

From: Jay H. Davis

Bel Air

I read with great interest the article in The Harford County Sun about school construction transfer tax, "Real estate transfer tax could pay for school construction," Feb. 2.

The article states there are 10 schools having enrollments exceeding capacity -- eight elementary, one middle and one high school. What the article doesn't state, but the accompanying chart shows, is that 19 elementary, six middle and seven high schools are under capacity. The chart also shows there will be 20 elementary, six middle and six high schools under capacityin 1994-1995.

Instead of creating new taxes for school construction, which ultimately increases annual operating costs requiring a larger share of current county taxes, the Harford County Board of Education should alleviate the overcrowding through redistricting and busing. This action would allow the board to dedicate its resources to providing a quality education at all Harford County schools.


From: John A. Ford


Havre de Grace Ambulance Corps

The Havre de Grace Ambulance Corps Inc. would like to thank all those who participated in our family portrait special fund-raising campaign held recently at the ambulance garage. This is separate from our annual fund drive to be conducted later this spring. It is reassuring to have such a response from the community with this campaign. This will help defray the cost of advanced life support equipment.


From: Donna M. Hausman


To: Sheriff Comes

County Sheriff's Department

As a resident and taxpayer of Harford County, I am requesting your attention be given to a most serious matter in the form of a formal investigation of events leading to the locking of the Harford County Court House doors on Jan. 14.

As a citizen attending the Harford County Council on that evening, I am concerned that citizens' constitutional rights to attend a public meeting may have been violated and that the health, safety and welfare of citizens within the building could have been placed in jeopardy by this action. I would like to know who directed the doors to be locked and at what time that decision was made. What information was used as a basis for making this decision, and did the person makingthis decision have the authority to do so? If not, who does?

Was the fire marshal involved in the decision to lock the doors? If not, why not?

It is my understanding that locking the doors of a publicbuilding while citizens are in attendance is a misdemeanor, and no one is above the law. I would like to know if the fire marshal has been notified. If not, why not? And what action will he be taking?

I would like to know what action will be taken to ensure that this situation will not reoccur.


From: Richard D. Schafer


Maryland Reclamation Associates

A victory was won for Harford County business with the decision by Maryland's Court of Special Appeals affirming that the Wilson County Council acted illegally in its attempt to prevent our business, Maryland Reclamation, from operating.

The costly and complicated process of contesting the politically motivated actions of local government was made possible through the overwhelming financial and moral support of many local businesses and individuals.

As we celebrate this decision in which right conquers political might, we are also repulsed by the ambitions of some elected officials who have wasted hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars in pursuit of political gain.


From: Brian Schroeder


As a student in the Harford County school system and as a Maryland resident, I am disappointedwith the actions of our state legislature concerning the Philip Morris Tobacco Control Act of 1992.

I shocks me that our state, which as come such a long way to defend the rights of the non-smoker, wouldintroduce such an atrocious bill to our government.

I am surprised that the president of the Senate, Thomas Miller, would introduce a bill that supports the rights of smokers -- a group of people that are ignorant of the physical damage that they are inflicting upon themselves and upon all those around them.

Why someone would promote the ignorance and unnecessary health risk involved with choosing to smoke is beyond the understanding of any educated, rational human being.By passing this bill, the rights of those people who choose not to harm themselves by smoking cigarettes are being taken away. This bill would force non-smokers to be exposed to the health problems attributed to second-hand smoke whether the people choose to do so or not.

When smoking in schools and the workplace becomes less restricted, students and employees will be forced to breathe tobacco-produced carcinogens.

It is in no way acceptable that we jeopardize the health of our citizens in order to promote products that have a definitely negative effect on the entire population.

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