Byron Refutes Opponent

February 16, 1992

Rep. Beverly B. Byron labeled as "electioneering tactics" her Democratic 6th District opponent's latest campaign attacks.

"My opponent(Thomas Hattery) tells the voters that he's going to be the championof tax relief if he's elected to Congress," Byron said. "What he doesn't say is that Maryland has the nation's third-highest tax rate -- higher than New Jersey and the District of Columbia -- and the burdenfalls on middle-class families earning $20,000 to $50,000 per year.

"Those are state taxes raised in Annapolis, where my opponent is a nine-year incumbent member of the Ways and Means Committee, the tax-writing committee. He consistently voted for tax and user-fee increases, and was most recently the floor leader for the bill that increased MVA fees.

"His constant attacks on me are an attempt to hide both his record in Annapolis and the fact that he must be held accountable for Maryland's tax burden and fiscal woes.

"On the issue of taxes, it's just another example of where Tom's rhetoric doesn't match his record. To the voters of the 6th District I say: Don't be duped by Hattery's Tom-foolery."

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