From The Sun Feb. 16-22, 1842FEB. 17: It is stated that...


February 16, 1992|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Feb. 16-22, 1842

FEB. 17: It is stated that the slave trade has increased to a frightful extent on the shores of Northern Africa and in the Mediterranean. The Greek marine is engaged in this traffic and the Tuscan flag is also made use of.

FEB. 21: Late yesterday evening a son of Mr. Jackson, living at the intersection of Gay and Frederick Streets, was bitten severely by a dog which was evidently rabid.

From The Sun Feb. 16-22, 1892

FEB. 20: Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Hutton gave a musicale last night at their beautiful home, "Alexandroffsky," in west Baltimore. Between 400 and 500 invitations were issued and more than 400 guests were present.

FEB. 22: The movements to incorporate Towson, Highlandtown and Canton and other comparatively small Maryland centres of population have created discussion and interest not only among the persons directly to be affected by the proposed change but throughout the State.

From The Sun Feb. 16-22, 1942

FEB. 16: Civilians were cautioned to keep a watch on their remarks about the war or other matters touching on the national defense effort by Senator Radcliffe in an address at the Mount

Vernon Methodist Church last night.

FEB. 17: Red Burman, perhaps the hardest body puncher in the heavyweight ranks, banged his way to a mauling victory over Johnny Shkor in a 12-round scrap last night in the Coliseum.

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