Bowe agent reconsiders Holyfield deal

February 13, 1992|By Michael Katz | Michael Katz,New York Daily News

NEW YORK -- Larry Holmes, wearing a patch over his right eye, almost secured a heavyweight title fight yesterday when Riddick Bowe's manager apparently overplayed his hand with negotiators for Evander Holyfield.

But Rock Newman, who admitted he "spent the entire day telling people we weren't going to do the deal," called Dan Duva, who with Shelly Finkel forms Holyfield's management team, last night to tell him he had reconsidered. The Holyfield camp will decide this weekend between Holmes and Bowe for the champion's next $20 million payday, in late May or early June.

Newman and Bowe had agreed to $6 million to meet Holyfield in an "interim" fight while Mike Tyson was on trial. A hung jury, necessitating a retrial, would have given Holyfield time to meet Bowe. But Newman refused to let the four-time Golden Gloves champion be a mere $6 million man.

Duva said no way and it appeared the 42-year-old Holmes, suddenly the new face in the division after upsetting Ray Mercer last Friday, would get the bout. Holmes suffered a scratched cornea in his right eye in training for Mercer, but Finkel said it would not prevent him from fighting again in late May or early June.

Newman, speaking from Las Vegas, said Bowe insisted that the money didn't matter, that he "wants the title now."

He still may not get it. But his consolation prize could be George Foreman, with the promise that the Holyfield-Holmes and Foreman-Bowe winners would meet in the fall.

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