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February 12, 1992

From: Craig Theobald


County Sheriff's Posse

As the newly appointed commander of theAnne Arundel County Sheriff's Posse, I would like to acquaint you with the Posse and invite you to become a part of this new service organization.

As we all know, crime is on the increase and county budgets are on the decrease. The Anne Arundel County Sheriff's Office hasthe responsibility of supporting the various police agencies in the county and of supporting the court system.

All of these agencies are requiring more of the Sheriff's Office than the county budget can allow. In order to supplement the Sheriff's Office, the Posse was formed by Sheriff Robert G. Pepersack Jr.

The Posse is an all-volunteer organization designed to support the Sheriff's Office. Duties include office assistance, court personnel support as well as field personnel. As a member of the Posse, you would also be a member of the Sheriff's Foundation, a non-profit organization designed to provide financial support to the Sheriff's Office for non-budgetary requirements such as computers and other equipment that the county cannot afford to provide.

This is a perfect opportunity for former and retired police officers as well as anyone with an interest in law enforcement and community service. For further information you may contact me, Craig A. Theobald, at my place of business, Subway Sandwiches and Salads, Pasadena, at 360-9189. You may also contact J. Patrick Ogle, Undersheriff, at 222-1571 and volunteer now to help your county and yourself.


From: James J. Riley

Severna Park

The recently published letter from Philip C. Jimeno, senator from District 31, and Charles W. (Stokes) Kolodziejski, delegate from District 31, in response to my letter attacking their proposed legislation to change the state sport from jousting to bowling is certainly worthy of a response.

In their letter, Senator Jimeno and Delegate Kolodziejski refer to me as a candidate who has often sought, but neverheld public office. They also make mention of the fact that I changed my political affiliation from Democrat to Republican. What in the devil does this have to do with the issue at hand? A frivolous piece of legislation during these austere times at the expense of you and me, the taxpayers!

Also, in their letter, I am attacked for bringingup the fact that it costs us, the taxpayers, over $20,000 for merelyintroducing a piece of legislation.

Quoting directly from their letter, they write: "The introduction of bills is of no greater burdento the taxpayers than having Mr. Riley's name appear on the ballot in the last 15 years."

Hogwash! My running for public office has not cost the taxpayers one red cent. I paid for the filing fee out of my own pocket and my campaigns were financed from my personal funds, private contributions and fund-raisers. To imply that my running for public office and their spending $20,000 of the taxpayers' money is ofno greater burden on the citizens of our state is ridiculous. If their implications were true, then they are in fact admitting that taxpayers foot the bill in the amount of $20,000 for each of them when they each ran for public office. Retraction, anyone?

These legislators would have us believe that the only reason for introducing this legislation was in response to a petition signed by over 25,000 citizensthroughout the state, and that they merely served as a vehicle for their constituents who want to be heard on this legislation.

Using this type of rationale for introducing bills, if 25,000 Marylanders signed a petition to change the state bird from oriole to dodo, they would, under this assumption, introduce this legislation also?

However, these same legislators, in their lengthy attack and rebuttal, fail to inform us who originated the petition, who financed the petition and who tabulated the results.

In closing, let me say to all thebowlers that I have no ax to grind against bowling as a sport, as I,too, enjoy bowling. It is just that during these tough economic times, I truly believe our legislators should be spending their time and effort and our money on the greater issues which face and affect us all.


From: Wendy Beavers

Loving Spoonful Breakfast Club

Planning Action Committees

College Creek/O'Bery Court

It is so often that a news reporter and photographer visit our community and go away with a bad taste in their mouths.

Seeing your article on ("A Loving Spoonful Breakfast Club dishes up eggs, side orders of hugs," Jan. 26, 1992, Anne Arundel County Sun) gave us hope that there are some genuine and caring people, such as yourselves,who know how to write an excellent story and take memorable pictures.

We are very proud of the positive image that the two of you gaveus through your news article. We were impressed with your creativityand sense of warmth that was put into the article and pictures.

The story and pictures showed a thriving community, fighting back and taking care of our "precious jewels" who will someday be our leaders of tomorrow.

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