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February 12, 1992

SYKESVILLE — At the request of Mayor Lloyd R. Helt Jr., the Town Council decided Monday night to oppose any additional fees to town residents for a countywide recycling and refuse pickup program.

"Our town has met its recycling goals," Helt said. "Eight years ago, we looked at the contract issue (for refuse pickup), but there was such an outcry from residents who liked the personal touch of the town's own pickup that wedropped it."

The seven other towns, which contract out for refuse pickup, are proposing the countywide program, Town Manager James L. Schumacher said.

A $25 per household charge for pickup is being recommended, Helt added.

In other business:

* Schumacher was told to advise six businesses that refuse to pay the monthly Dumpster rental fee that action will be taken against them if they don't pay.

* Police Chief Wallace P. Mitchell presented his annual safety report to the council.

A recent spate of vandalism was discussed, and Mitchell said that all incidents were being investigated. Helt said he has instructed Mitchell to prosecute the cases fully.

* The council decided notto amend its budget further than the $30,000 in cuts recommended last month until a decision on the state budget is made in Annapolis.

* Schumacher recommended letting the Institute for Governmental Service do the town's charter revisions at a cost of $1,000. Because the item has been budgeted for that amount, the council agreed.

* The town received $16,000 in insurance payments for its dump truck, whichwas destroyed last month during a snow storm. The council decided toshop for a used four-wheel pickup with a snow plow as a replacement.


County social services administrators told the county commissioners yesterday they are bracing for major reductions in state aid programs that serve needy people.

Because of state budget reductions, one program that serves Carroll is being eliminated and two others are being restructured, said M. Alexander Jones, director of the county Department of Social Services.

On April 1, the State Only Emergency Program will be eliminated because of state budgetcuts. During fiscal year 1991, 34 people in Carroll were assisted through the program at a cost of $9,800.

The program provides aid for a variety of emergency situations, including people who are evicted, who are victims of disasters, or are stranded away from home.

Also in April, the General Public Assistance Program -- which aids financially needy people who can't work for at least 30 days because of medical limitations -- is being replaced with the Disability Assistance and Loan Program.

To be eligible for aid under the new program, a person must be disabled for 12 months or longer. People who are disabled from three to 11 months can be eligible for a loan.

As of last month, 46 county residents were served by the program. However, fewer would be eligible under the new program.

Starting July 1, Aid for Families with Dependent Children is being cut back as well. The county stands to lose up to $41,460 a year under the revised program.


The county commissioners voted yesterday to authorize the purchase of a half-acre on Route 97. The tract is to be used in the planned expansion of the county airport.

The county bought the land from Roland Feeser for $179,000.


The county prevailed in a condemnation action Monday in Carroll County Circuit Court.

The county won the right to take of a small piece of South Carroll land targeted as part of a road improvement project.

The parcel -- a fraction of an acre -- is part of a residentialtract that abuts the roadway near the corner of Klees Mill and Bartholow roads near Eldersburg.

The county has long considered the small stretch of narrow, winding road a safety hazard, said County Attorney Charles W. Thompson Jr.

Thompson said the ruling represents the first condemnation action won by the county since at least 1975.

The county now takes over the parcel and will pay property owner Ronald Engle about $4,300, the market value of the land, Thompson said.

The county is seeking to acquire one more piece of property for the road-widening project, which could begin as soon as this spring.



TANEYTOWN -- The City Council voted to annex 19.5 acres that include property owned by the Taneytown Rod and Gun Club.

A public hearing had been held last fall on the matter, but a deed on one of the parcels had to be clarified. The annexation becomes law March 26.

In other business, the council:

* Voted to hire Joseph A. Mangini as city manager, with a salary of $35,000 and with pay beginning Jan. 28. He replaces Neal Powell, who retired. Mangini was chosen during a closed meeting Jan. 20.

* Granted extensions for development review plans to Ralph Hoffman for six months and to owners of the Copperfield development for one month. The latter development will go before the Planning and Zoning Commission.

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