Schedule of legislative hearings

February 10, 1992

Hearings scheduled by the Maryland House of Delegates for Thursday were inadvertently listed with Friday's hearings because of a production error in yesterday's paper. All of the following House hearings are, in fact, scheduled to occur Thursday:


Appropriations: HB432, Montgomery County, pension fund investments; HB454, disability retirement allowances; HB651, retirement and pensions, effect of furloughs or unpaid holiday leaves; HB652, employees' retirement system, disability retirement; HB757, optional retirement program, state subsidy for health benefits; HB785, teachers retirement and pensions, payment of employer contributions; HB824, permanent re-mployment of retirees; HB1005, pensions, accidental disability, filing limit; HB1006, pensions, fund investments, 11 a.m., House Office Building.

Subcommittee on Education and Human Resources: budget hearings on veterans commission; Charlotte Hall; comptroller's office; board of election laws, 2 p.m., room 130, House Office Building.

Subcommittee on Health and the Environment: budget hearings on budget and fiscal planning; Board of Public Works; Stadium Authority; convention center, 2 p.m., Room 406, House Office Building.

Subcommittee on Law Enforcement and Transportation: budget hearings on judiciary; office of administrative hearings, 2 p.m., Room 431, House Office Building.

Constitutional and Administrative Law: HB566, attendant care program; HB567, dump trucks, weight, exemption; HB581, periodic regulatory review and evaluation; HB660, state employees, service contracts; HB715, Patuxent Institution, funding educational programs; HB720, vehicles, width limitation; HB744, St. Mary's County, building permit fees; HB745, St. Mary's County, metropolitan commission, water theft; HB746, St. Mary's County, metropolitan commission, deferred benefit assessments; HB747, St. Mary's County, metropolitan commission, uniform service rates; HB1221, Allegany County, salary study commission; HJ7, American POWs and MIAs, 1 p.m., House Office Building.

Economic Matters: HB376, universal health insurance, choice, access, cost and structure, 1 p.m., House Office Building.

Environmental Matters: HB636, natural resources, critical areas, impervious surface limitations; HB643, term of a permit for controlled hazardous substance facilities; HB667, diesel vehicle emissions inspection pilot program; HB683, oil spills, liability, definition; HB685, surface mining, local government mineral resources plan elements, approval; HB686, surface mining, legislative intent, balance of land uses; HB687, surface mining, fees, performance bonds, reclamation standards; HB688, surface mining, legislative intent, alternative land uses, 1 p.m., House Office Building.

Judiciary: HB513, crimes, case dispositions and sentencing, public records; HB521, criminal law, plea bargaining; HB533, warrantless arrests; HB541, criminal sentences, review; HB551, public defender's office, reimbursement when appearance stricken; HB571, criminal law, material witnesses; HB585, district court, appeals from pretrial dismissals; HB591, searches and search warrants; HB622, Maryland port administration, gambling on vessels, licenses; HB624, bail, return of deposited money; HB1029, probation before judgment, confinement term; HB1032, district court commissioner, bail; HB1049, district court appeals, criminal cases; HB1074, fingerprinting, criminal defendants, 1 p.m., House Office Building.

Ways and Means: HB68, boards of community college trustees, tuition and mandatory fees, waivers for state police officers; HB378, Baltimore city and Prince George's County public elementary schools, pilot choice program; HB396, education, annual audit, legislative auditor; HB429, Montgomery County, public libraries, video rentals; HB606, boards of community college trustees, mandatory fees, waivers for senior citizens; HB874, state aid for public education, schools for success; HB923, vocational rehabilitation, comprehensive rehabilitation fund; HB1118, overcrowding, use of nonpublic schools; HB1119, Maryland Equal Opportunity for Education Act; HB1120, higher education, student financial aid reform; HB1123, funding, Maryland school performance assessment program, 1:30 p.m., House Office Building.

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