Dicarlo Joins Kings Contrivance Village Board

February 09, 1992

Huntington resident Edward F. DiCarlo last week replaced Kings Contrivance village association board member Sunny McGuinn, who resigned after eight years on the board to join the staff of the Owen Brown Community Association.

DiCarlo, who took office at Wednesday's board meeting, was appointed Jan. 22 by the board to fill the remainder of McGuinn's 2-year term, which ends April 30.

DiCarlo, a 38-year-old marketing manager at Westinghouse Corp. inLinthicum, was chosen from six applicants and plans to run for a full term in the April 25 village election.

McGuinn resigned because the Owen Brown association prohibits staff members from serving on village boards. She started her new job as secretary to the Owen Brown association in December.

First elected in 1984, McGuinn served four terms on the Kings Contrivance board, including two as chairwoman, from 1986 to 1990.

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