Lanier knew the real score

February 06, 1992

Bob Lanier, one of the newest Basketball Hall of Fame members, rarely gave ground during his many years in the NBA. At 6-11 and 260 pounds, he didn't have to.

But there was this one time in Detroit, where he was jousting for position with Wilt Chamberlain.

"The Lakers had an inbounds play from under the basket and we're banging away," Lanier said. "[Referee] Mendy Rudolph came over and told us to clean it up. But Butch van Breda Kolff is our coach and he's screaming, 'Don't let him get position.'

"Finally, Wilt picked me up as if I was a coffee cup, moved me out of the way, got the pass and scored. I told Butch I'd rather deal with him than Wilt."

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