Odenton Youths Wear Their Bowling Prowess On Their Sleeves


February 06, 1992|By Donald G. Vitek

If you notice some youngsters in the Odenton area wearing white satin jackets with red-and-blue trim, ask them about their high set in tenpins. They'll have the figure on the tip of their tongues.

Mike Dixon, Robby Beall, Christina Wolking and Kathi Brady received their jackets from Bowl America Odenton for 600 sets.

Bowl America Odenton is the only center that has awarded jackets to the Junior/Senior division of the Saturday morning youth league members who have shot 600 sets.

Why red, white and blue? Those are the colors of the Bowl America chain of bowling centers.

Why jackets at all?

"We wanted to have something that was exclusive, unique," said Gretchen Smith, youth director who doubles (triples?) as senior and night-league coordinator.

Smith has been affiliated with Bowl America for 2 1/2 years and lives in Odenton with her husband, Dan.She bowls in two leagues, the Friday Ladies Strike Force league and the Sunday Snoopy Ball league at Bowl America.

Smith carries a 140average, but Jan. 26, she had one of those days.

"The first game,I shot a 184, my best game ever," she said. "We got beat by one pin.The second game, I'm still over my average with a 155, but we lost by five pins and I'm starting to get angry. Now, I'm getting serious."

I'd say so.

The last game, Smith threw all marks, capping the game with a 10th-frame strike and a nine count for a fantastic 232 game that won the last game by six pins. That tied her opponent for total pins.

"I felt so relaxed that the 13-pound ball that I use feltlike it weighed 8 pounds," Smith said.

Oh yeah, those 600 sets. .. . Read on.

Mike Dixon, 661.

Robby Beall, 645.

Christina Wolking, 629.

Kathi Brady, 625.

Kenny Thompson with a 598 and Garry Chaney with a 589 came very close.

If you'd like to bowl in a youth league, come into Bowl America Odenton and join the other 87 youngsters. Smith will find you a spot.


The Baltimore Women's Bowling Association is looking for members who are, or will be, 75 years old or older come 1992. The WIBC is celebrating its 75th anniversary and would like to recognize these women for their bowling accomplishments on March 7 at Fair Lanes Towson.

For more information, call Carol Berndsen at 788-2621. I'll be there, and I'm looking forward to seeing you.


The third annual Anne Arundel Police Tournament will take place April 6 at Bowl America Odenton.

All police personnel, sworn and civilian, from any department, including out-of-state departments, are welcome to participate. Last year, there were 34 teams from Maryland and Washington, filling the center wall-to-wall.

Bill Daywalt, coordinator for the event, had to turn away teams forlack of space.

All proceeds from the tournament, which will startat 1 p.m., go to the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) program in Anne Arundel County.

"This is a program where the police officers go into the classroom and spend the entire day with the students,"Daywalt said.

Daywalt lives in Severna Park with his wife, Linda,and children Bill III, 5, and Danielle, 3. He is a county police officer and a pretty fair ten-pinner, with a 208 average.

For more information, call Daywalt at 222-6894 or 222-6895.


As of Jan. 11, Jeni Myers, Tiffany Fontz and Kevin Butschky were in the running for honors in the "NDYA Stars of the Year" program. The program began June 16, 1991, and ends June 15. The top five girls and boys in each age division who bowl the highest scratch games are recognized.

Fontz and Myers are in the Prep Division, ages 7-9, and Butschky is in the Major Division, ages 16-21.

Myers shot a 154 game for her first-place position, and Fontz had a 134 game, good for third on the list. Butschky is in fourth place with his 201 game.

"The list is subject to change and, hopefully, more of our youth bowlers will be on the list this season," said Candy Fontz, youth director at Severna Park Lanes.


Catch my new radio show, "The Best of Bowling," on WCBM/AM 680 between 6 and 7 p.m. Sunday. This is your chance to have your views heard.


Here are some high games and high sets from the Severna Park Lanes youth league.

Pee Wee Division

Joey Sachs 60

David Putman 79

Dennis Cook 61

Jonathon Jones 70

Jessica Jackson 81

Joshua Ring 78

Erica Jackson 42

Jason Myers 91

Erica Trovinger 44

Prep Division

Michael Davidson 106/296

Tiffany Fontz 95/246


Michael Saxon 121/318

Junior/Major Division

Steven Schmidt 87

Kevin Butschky 151

Nicholas Klapaska 80

Holly Saxon 82

Scott Cook 86

Michael Cline 116

John Blume 114

Jan Michael Jones 97

Junior Satellites Tenpins

Amy Norfolk 120

Derrick Jackson 145

Kristy Wolski 91

Brian Williams 112

Mike Williams 116

Lynn Admiral 180

SharonThacker 101

Adam Thacker 360 set

Shannon Yepsen 295 set

AmyBuser 480 set

Kenny Grabarski 222 set

Early Risers Tenpins

Anthony Zoccola 166

Gira Bilbo 141

John Yepsen 157

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