* "Final Analysis" is a psychological thriller starring...

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February 06, 1992|By Stephen Hunter

* "Final Analysis" is a psychological thriller starring Richard Gere as a psychiatrist involved professionally and personally with two dangerous sisters, Kim Basinger and Uma Thurman. Eric Roberts is Basinger's husband, but rumor has it he doesn't make it through to the end of the movie. Phil "State of Grace" Jonau directed, probably too much. R-rated.

"Medicine Man" has already been the subject of a nasty Premiere article suggesting extreme tension between director John McTiernan and stars Sean Connery and Lorraine Bracco. )) Connery plays a pony-tailed cancer researcher in the Amazon River basin, Bracco his assistant. They are threatened by developers. If the movie ends hastily, Premiere says it's because Connery had a golf date he simply would not cancel. PG-13.

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