February 05, 1992|By George Neff Lucas

It's essential a candidate bares

His adulterous doings upstairs;

He can't just debate

( The affairs of the state

And leave out his state of affairs.

Since Washington, Bush is the sole

Of George in the president's role;

This one's first in war

0$ Worst in peace and, what's more,

Losing points in hius countrymen's poll.

Of congressional perks there's a raft,

Going up, going down, fore and aft

The latest such gifts

( Are marble-floored lifts

And guess who is getting the shaft.

If rules take a 3-month vacation

For corporate mollification,

Heaven save me and you,

% The environment, too,

From Bush's rederegulation.

When a less lavish profit projection

Prods tycoons to voice an objection

To some government rule,

, Quayle's Competitive crew'll

Prove the rule with an instant exception.

Three governors -- then there was one,

Namely Little Rock's favorite son,

The sole state exec

$ In the Democrat deck

Who isn't too busy to run.

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