Catalina Lighting"Catalina Lighting (AMEX, LTG, $6...


February 05, 1992|By Opinions on stocks offered by investment experts. Compiled by Steve Halpern for Knight Ridder.

Catalina Lighting

"Catalina Lighting (AMEX, LTG, $6) recently reported operating results for its 4th quarter. We were pleased to see a return to profitability and impressive improvements in the balance sheet," says Peter McMullin, Southeast Research Partners.

"These results raise our confidence that this low-cost distributor of residential and office lighting products is in the early stages of an earnings turnaround. "We continue to recommend purchase of the shares by aggressive investors seeking above-average capital gains."

W.R. Grace

First Boston, says Peter Butler, reiterates its strong buy rating for W.R. Grace (NYSE, GRA, $41.875). "Grace's health-care business continues to be very strong, offsetting poor results from its economically sensitive businesses; these latter operations are in the process of being divested. . . We still expect earnings to double by 1994, based on the firm's return on equity soaring above the 20 percent level.

"Our two-year price target for the stock is $70 per share. We reiterate our strong buy rating."


"NationsBank Corp. (NYSE, NB, $43.75) is the new name for the combined NCNB Corp. and C&S/Sovran Corp. that merged operations on the last day of 1991," says Standard & Poor's The Outlook, New York.

"The new entity is the third largest bank-holding company in the country . . We view the merger as positive and expect the combination to result in significant cost savings. . . The shares are attractive for their superior appreciation prospects. We continue to award the stock our highest five-star buy rating."


William Baxter, World Economic Service, cites BellSouth (NYSE, BLS, $48.75), the largest of the Baby Bells.

"BellSouth recently completed the installation of electronic switches throughout their service area. This . . . allows for lower costs and greater network reliability. BellSouth has been a leader in the installation of fiber-optic cable. . . Management has aggressively sought out investment opportunities in non-regulated businesses [and] is one of the world's largest providers of cellular mobile telecommunications."

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