Top Wrestlers From Buccaneers Tourney

February 04, 1992

The following are the top four finishers in last weekend's second annual Buccaneers Invitational Junior Wrestling Tournament at NortheastHigh School. The tournament attracted 128 wrestlers from seven teams: the Buccaneers, Crofton, Navy, Millersville, Manchester, Bowie and Wheaton.

45-pound division

1. Geoff Leeper (MAN); 2. Lee Trohns (CR); 3. Jake Couch (BUC); 4. Shawn Miller (MILL).

50-pound division

1. Scott Roberts (MILL); 2. Max Meltzer (WH); 3. Matt Williams (CR); 4. Marc Pitonzo (BUC).

55-pound division

1. Tyler Alexander (MAN); 2. John Gardner (CR);3. Nick Alley (CR); 4. Shawn Johnson (MILL).

60-pound division

1. Todd Cianciola (WH); 2. Fran Jackson (MAN); 3. Spike Stichcomb (BUC); 4. Zach Maloff (MAN).

65-pound division

1. Tony Rodriques (WH); 2. Kevin White bowie; 3. James Holmes (MAN); 4. Pat Ortman (CR).

70-pound division

1. Kyle Beckerman (BW); 2. John Pitonzo (BUC); 3. Clinton Day (MAN); 4. Mike Walsh (WH).

75-pound division

1. Randy Holmes (MAN); 2. Chris Emerson (MILL); 3. Chris Gaho (WH); 4. Matt White (NAVY).

80-pound division

1. Bill Phillips (BW); 2. West Cummings (WH); 3. Travis Gottlich (NAVY); 4. Aaron Collins (CR).

85-pound division

1. Todd Beckerman (BW); 2. Brian Bunting (WH); 3. Adam Bogg (MAN); 4. Jerry Hunt (WH).

90-pound division

1. Brian Page (BW); 2. Dave Bryant (MILL); 3. Brain Kapp (MAN); 4.Carl Cicchetti (BUC).

95-pound division

1. Ed Davis (MAN); 2. Duke Arrington (BUC); 3. Matt Swingler (WH); 4. Brandon Glaccum (BW).

100-pound division

1. Doug Bell (MAN); 2. Chuck Nielson (WH); 3. Jay Queer (BUC); 4. Bill Moore (NAVY).

107-pound division

1.Tyrone Neal (CR); 2. Chris Elwood (WH); 3. Tim Patterson (MILL); 4. Brian Barrett BW).

115-pound division

1. Josh White (NAVY); 2. Gary O'Neill (BUC); 3. Kevin Shavatt (WH); 4. Dan Kachura (CR).

122-pound division

1. Rovert Alexander (BW); 2. Tommy Kiler (MAN); 3. Isaac Haertel (CR); 4. Jason Yates (WH).

130-pound division

1. Jerry Philps(WH); 2. Jeff Rober (MILL); 3. Jay Hicks (CR); 4. JasonAlbert (MAN).

137-pound division

1. Danion Deiaco (MAN); 2. Erik Hott (MAN); 3. Graham Manley (WH); 4. Matt Relahan (MILL).

145-pound division

1. Steve Messier (BW); 2. Jason Simmons (MAN); 3. Jordy Manley (WH); 4. Gavin McIntyre (CR).

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