. . . So do (did?) laws

February 03, 1992

The Justice Department is authorized under the Voting Rights Act to "pre-clear" changes in election-related laws in certain states with a history of racial discrimination. It seldom does, because the mere fact that the power exists keeps states and localities honest. But now the Supreme Court's six Reagan-Bush appointees have given the green right to certain kinds of changes that no Supreme Court nor any attorney general -- including the present one -- has ever approved.

In a 6-3 decision, the court said two Alabama counties could take power away from individual county commissioners and give it to appointed officials controlled by the majorities of the commissions or to the commission majorities directly. The changes were made after black voters elected black commissioners due to changed election laws brought about by the Voting Rights Act.

This was a clear racist subterfuge that no amount of sophisticated legal philosophizing by ideology-bound justices can square with the clear intent of the law.

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