Dear Stadium Doctor:My inquiry is about shadow, more...

Stadium Doctor

February 02, 1992

Dear Stadium Doctor:

My inquiry is about shadow, more specifically shade. For those of us who are baseball fans, but who also have allergies to direct sunlight, is there more relief in the new ballpark?

I am thankful that the majority of games are in the evening, but for those afternoon games I have to bathe in sunblock 45 and wear clothing that covers 95 percent of my skin area. On a hot summer day, this has a tendency to take some of the joy out of being at the ballpark.

Don Kallstrom


Dear Don Kallstrom:

I have a few things to report, but nothing, unfortunately, that will allow you to dispose of your sunblock.

Though it's not exactly shrouded in shade, the new ballpark is dotted with areas where you might be able to escape direct sunlight. Your best bets are the terrace boxes (completely under cover) and the club level (mostly shaded). The upper deck, where your seats are located, is the area in which conditions will vary most. At noon, the green roof will shield about 50 percent of upper-deck fans from direct sunlight, and that percentage will rise as the sun sets in the west, behind the grandstand.

C7 (Stadium Dermatologist contributed to this answer.)

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