Disabilities Corrections

Readers write

February 02, 1992

From: John Leopold

Member, National Council on Disability

The Jan. 24 Anne Arundel County Sun article regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 ("New anti-bias restrictions have employers wincing") contained inaccurate information regarding the effective dates of certain provisions of the law, and these inaccuracies should be corrected.

The effective date for the employment provision (Title I) barring hiring or job-promotion discrimination against the disabled for companies with 25 or more employees is July 26 of this year, not Jan. 26, as reported.

The effective date for the public accommodation provision (Title III) mandating access to public spaces for the disabled is Jan. 26, 1992, not January 1995, as reported.

Businesses with 25 or fewer employees and gross receipts of $1 million or less are not subject to civil actions for violations under Title III until July 26, 1992, and businesses with 10 or fewer employees and $500,000 in gross receipts or less are not subject to civil actions under Title III until Jan. 26, 1993.

The National Council on Disability, the independent federal agency which prepared the Americans with Disabilities Act, is keenly interested in its implementation and considers it a continuing project and responsibility. If experience indicates that the act places unreasonble burdens, is unclear in some regard or fails in its essential mission of enabling persons withdisabilities to live independent and productive lives, the council will ask the president and the Congress to amend the law to achieve the necessary improvements.

Editor's note: This letter refers to businesses, which have a timetable different from that of local and state governments under the act.


From: Gary Massaglia

General manager

Jones Intercable

That was a great photo you published showing Mickey Mouse visiting patients at Anne Arundel Medical Center. Mickey's visit was a very special treat that brought smiles and cheer to many ill children.

Jones Intercable, along with the Disney Channel, is proud to have been able to arrange Mickey's visit to Anne Arundel County. Along with visiting the Medical Center, Mickey helped lighten the hearts of children at Sarah's House, the county's homeless shelter.

Thank you for recognizing Mickey's visit.


From: Jim LaManca

Special Task Force to Find Park Land in West County

I would like to set the recordstraight concerning an article which appeared in the Anne Arundel County Sun paper Jan. 19, "Meade land could yield windfall," by John Morris.

* I don't believe (County Executive Robert R.) Neall ever proposed to turn the entire Fort Meade property into a regional park with ball fields and picnic areas. He did suggest that a small portion be allocated for a West County park, which is definitely needed. However, the decision to allocate any land on Fort Meade for a park will be made by the Patuxent Wildlife Service after it receives and reviews a proposal from the county Recreation and Parks Department. It makes sense to use federal land for a West County park if the proposal meets the Wildlife Services' criteria.

* The 300 acres which containa small Army landfill proposed by Mr. Golden may be unusable becauseof potential environmental problems (similar to the Millersville landfill).

* The proposal for park land on Fort Meade is just that --a proposal. If the Patuxent Wildlife Service rejects the proposal, the county will have to obtain funds to purchase park land in West County to handle the growth explosion in order to provide services to the citizens of that area.

* If land is obtained on Fort Meade for apark, it will not be sufficient to handle the expected growth in West County over the next 10-15 years. Therefore, county officials and the citizens of West County must continue to explore other methods to obtain usable park land.

The bottom line is that we must all work together to protect the environment while providing needed services to the citizens of West County. The environmental issue should be decided by the professionals and not special-interest groups who profess to be professionals.


From: James J. York, M.D.

Glen Burnie

I read your article "A healthy outlook on sports"published in the Anne Arundel County Sun on Jan. 24, 1992. Mr. (Patrick) O'Malley, you have been duped into printing comments by Mr. Simms, executive director of the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center ofAnnapolis, who implied that volunteers outside his business are "impostors," "unqualified individuals" or "copy cats." I am writing to inform you of a significant group of volunteer physicians, sports physical therapists and athletic trainers who support Anne Arundel County Athletic Programs.

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