UM, Cumberland hospital testing a new video link

January 31, 1992

A doctor in Cumberland who wants to talk about an X-ray with a colleague at the University of Maryland can now do it. And a nurse who wants to take a college course in Baltimore won't have to drive 2 1/2 hours from her home in Western Maryland.

Thanks to a pilot program introduced yesterday, a new video system allows people in both locations to see and talk to one another.

And the resolution is good enough to show radiological images and slides.

The system was begun by the University of Maryland at Baltimore, the university's medical center and Memorial Hospital Cumberland.

It will be used primarily for continuing education programs for doctors, nurses and emergency medical technicians in Cumberland.

The hope is that the video system can be expanded eventually to health care facilities throughout the state.

The distance to Baltimore has made programs unavailable to many people, said Kathy Rogers, director of community relations at the Cumberland hospital.

Fifty programs have already been planned for the next month, she said.

"The primary advantage of the system is that it gives our health professionals the advantage of being able to ask questions," Ms. Rogers said.

"Physicians can actually discuss cases with other physicians."

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