Young Bowlers Learn The Ropes At Greenway Invitational


January 30, 1992|By Donald G. Vitek

The Greenway Youth Invitational was the kind of tournament that Greenway Bowl assistant manager Peggy Tully wanted: tough, but fair to very bowler.

"I want all of the youth bowlers, even the Pee Wees, torealize that this is a serious tournament, that this tournament is alearning experience, as well as competition," she said.

"I want the kids to learn that when they get to the Junior Division they must learn to register themselves, find their own lanes, havetheir equipment ready."

Sunday's third annual tournament at Greenway Bowl Odenton drew 183 Pee Wees, Prep, Bantam, Junior, Senior and Major youth bowlers from as far south as Virginia, as far north as Harford County and as far west as Carroll County from a dozen bowling centers.

Individual winners were:

* Michael Valcourt, Bowl America Glen Burnie, defeated Bobby Burkindine, 234-198, in Major Scratch Boys.

* Fred Wilson threw a 204 to defeat Chad Kornick in Major Handicap Boys.

* Becky Johns, Bowl America Glen Burnie, defeated Kathryn Brady, 204-159, in Major Scratch Girls.

* Melissa Moore, FairLanes Southdale, threw a 227 game to capture the Major Handicap Girls title.

* David Harkins rolled a 167 to defeat Jason Ficke in Junior Scratch Boys.

* Brad Gouldin defeated John Trawinski, 195-188,in Junior Handicap Boys.

* Lisa Tully, Greenway Bowl Odenton, defeated Ann Dietrich, 165-145, in Junior Scratch Girls.

* Chennell Richardson rolled a 224 to capture the title in Junior Handicap Girls.


Winners of the eight team events were:

* Greenway Bowl Odenton captured the Prep Girls Handicap.

* Fair Lanes Southdale took the Prep Boys Handicap.

* Fair Lanes Southdale won the Bantam Girls Scratch.

* Fair Lanes Southdale captured the Bantam Girls Handicap.

* Greenway Bowl Odenton took the Bantam Boys Handicap.

* Teams from Washington won the Prep Girls Scratch, Prep Boys Scratch and Bantam Boys Scratch divisions.

One of the Pee Wee rookies was Dallas Frye, 6, daughter of Donna and Dana Frye of Severn.

Dallas, who started bowling this season, carries a 57 average, with a high game of 97. On Sunday, Frye bowled games of 76, 78 and 82 for a 236 series. The first-grader at Oakland Elementary School threw a 6-pound Lite Dot Jr. bowling ball.

"Her brother (Dana Jr.) is quarterback for the Patapsco Chargers," Donna said. "We wanted Dallas to be able tocompete in sports, as well. Bowling is a sport that the whole familycan do together, and all of us enjoy it."

Justin Smith, 3, of Glen Burnie is a veteran of the Pee Wee youth leagues. He's been bowlingsince he was 19 months old, when his parents, Mark and Joy, started him at the game.

"Everybody in the family bowls," Joy said. "Mark and my parents, brothers, sisters, and our other children, Ashley (4)and Lauren (2) just started."

Justin has an excellent teacher. His father carries a 208 average and is the evening manager at GreenwayBowl East.

Justin, who weighs 35 pounds, is the only left-hander in the family and throws a 6-pound ball. On Sunday, he had games of 68, 63 and 72.

Wait until he gets older.


Sue Witkowski of Pasadena also started out when she was pretty young.

How young?

"Well, I was so little that they didn't have bowling shoes that wouldfit me," she said.

Now a registered nurse at North Arundel Hospital, Witkowski never lost her love of bowling -- nor her ability.

Bowling last year at Bowl America Odenton, she won the Triple Crown Award with a 257 high game, 618 high series and the league-leading average of 176.

"Bowling is something that my husband, Dave, and I cando together," she said. "Right now, I'm not bowling."

The reason is Robert Andrew Witkowski, who was born Dec. 30.

When Sue does return to the lanes, she'll have all new equipment; all of her old equipment was stolen from her car last month. Now, she has two new bowling balls, a Blue Hammer and a Cobra drilled by Wayne Stepp and ready for action.

"This year, I'm bowling in the Thursday Mixed League atFort Meade," she said. "I just hope I get lucky again and have another good year."


Tournament news

The Ted Wessell 24th annualOdenton Spring Festival Doubles and Singles Tournament is slated forFeb. 15, 16, 22, 23, 29 and March 1, 7 and 8 at Greenway Bowl Odenton, with 100 percent of the prize fund returned to the bowlers. Information: 551-7100.

Catch the action Feb. 16 at Greenway Bowl Odentonwith the Eastern Senior Tour, as Joe Nagy brings the top senior bowlers in the Mid-Atlantic region to Anne Arundel.


Greenway Bowl Glen Burnie

Pin & Ball Wizards 12/18/91

Bill Trott 160/457

Inez Semeniuk 161 game

Tom Hudson 162/441

Ted Schmidt 159/402

Char Bieman 145/393

Bob Thompson 148/391

Pin & Ball Wizards 2/1/92

Tom Hudson 164/446

Lane Schuster 170/422

Dave Hoyle 151/391

Pin & Ball Wizards 1/15/92

Tom Hudson 152/384

Kim Stilling 147/381

Muriel Crompton 250/348

Dave Hoyle 148/398

Varr-Lowrey Mixed--1/10/92

Bernice Fuller 174/426

RoseYoung 154/426

Harry Spence 145/372

Kathy Leonard 134/357

Charlie Heinbach 124/360

Janice Sparenberg 123/351

Carr-Lowrey Mixed 1/7/92

Richard Harris 170/484

Janice Sparenberg 153/381

John Clark, Jr. 157/431

Bonnie Wolf 125/350

Harry Spence 159/405

Kathy Leonard 132/347

Wednesday Carefree Ladies

Evelyn Dombroski 162/409

Kathy Leonard 147/397

Mary Coby 154/358

Nellie Bentz 152/390

Mary Bavis 134/385

Shirley Robinson 136/370

Bernice Harvey 162/359

Monday Morning Mixed

Joyce Scheibe 187/432

Beverly Norris 169/404

Shirley Robinson 375 set

Monday Nite 8:15 Mixed

Paula Buchanan 196/404

Peggy Quinlan 174/460

Pat Trabert 168/412

Mike Reeder 172/437

John Petrecca 168/412

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