Pit bull made the big time before untimely end

January 30, 1992|By John Kelso | John Kelso,Cox News Service

AUSTIN, Texas -- Understandably, it will be tough for Austin cab driver Kevin Roberts to watch himself and his dog, Face, performing a "stupid pet trick" on David Letterman's 10th anniversary special (Feb. 6).

Face is dead. A few days after a trip to New York earlier this month for the taping, he had had some teeth pulled at the vet's. As Face was waking up from the anesthetic his heart stopped.

Kevin has been grieving ever since. "I don't know if it sounds stupid, but I figured Face would want me to continue on with life," Kevin explains.

Face first appeared on the Letterman show last February when he performed a stupid pet trick with Kevin. The trick involves Kevin and Face clutching a Frisbee in their teeth, and Kevin swinging Face, who weighed 50 pounds, in the air.

"It's bad for my neck and my back, so I had pretty much retired the trick after I went on Letterman," Kevin says. "It might be more of a stupid human trick than a stupid pet trick."

Letterman was so taken with the stunt that he invited Kevin and Face back to New York for the taping of the anniversary show. Comedian Bill Murray and singer/poet Bob Dylan will appear in the same special.

"We pretty much stole the show," Kevin says of the taping. "We were better than Bob Dylan; that's what people were saying. I don't know if that's a compliment or not."

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