Happy 125th

January 28, 1992

Western Maryland College in Westminster is one of the good, small, privately endowed liberal arts colleges of Maryland that has been concentrating on what it does best for 125 years. With the great new library made possible by the generosity of both the state and longtime benefactors Dr. Samuel and Elsie Hoover, the college is facing the future with optimism.

Times are tough, the freshman-aged population is down and the recession makes private tuition impossible for many. But this will change. The 1990-91 fund-raising season brought in a record $4.6 million.

It's hard to imagine Westminster or Carroll County without the college that is a main industry, an intellectual stimulus and a local mecca of performing arts. Western Maryland's graduate division contributes to the fields of general education and education of the deaf. But the main point about the undergraduate school is that it's just a good place to go to college. That's what counts.

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