'Slap on the wrist' is not enoughAs cat owners and animal...

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January 27, 1992

'Slap on the wrist' is not enough

As cat owners and animal lovers, we were outraged to read of the Bel Air attorney who broke into the home of a client's estranged wife, microwaved and killed the family's 7-month old kitten, left it on the floor and poured champagne on it (Evening Sun, Jan. 17).

However, we were even more outraged to learn that Stanley Protokowicz, the lawyer, managed to outsmart justice in Harford Circuit Court. (It must have been blind justice in this case.) He was fined $1,000 and court costs, received a suspended jail sentence and ordered to perform 40 hours of community service. He was also ordered to make restitution for the cat's death and seek treatment for alcoholism. (He had claimed to be intoxicated when he performed this abhorrent deed.)

In essence Mr. Protokowicz escaped with a slap on the wrist for an offense that merits a much stiffer penalty. This sentence is completely irresponsible and way too lenient. No amount of money or counseling can begin to compensate the family, especially the children, for their anguish at the horrible loss of a beloved pet.

Mr. Protokowicz, however, is not the only guilty party in this tragedy (or dare we say, travesty). The judge violated basic common sense when she allowed him to walk free without referring him to a continued program of intense, long-term psychological counseling. Mr. Protokowicz pleads that he microwaved the cat by accident, but he chose to get drunk. Intoxication does not absolve him of responsibility for his behavior, in this case an especially brutal act. In addition he must suffer from a complete lack of ethics and a severe personality disorder.

Patti Kinlock

Timothy Kinlock

David Kriebel


As reported in The Evening Sun on Jan. 17, a drunken attorne breaks into a friend's ex-wife's house. He and his friend are attempting to find evidence connected with the divorce. Inside the house they "accidentally" microwave a kitten to death. The kitten is found on the floor with champagne poured on it.

The attorney pleaded guilty and will not spend any time in jail. The sentence of a year and 90 days was suspended. He still has his law license, pending an inquiry by the Attorney Grievance Commission.

Do all first-time offenders convicted of breaking and entering and cruelty to animals receive suspended sentences - or just attorneys?

Cindy Sue Conard


Depopulation plot

When Rockefeller Foundation honchos Steven Sinding and Sheldon Segal report that "There's good news on the world population front" (Other Voices, Dec. 26), they are absolutely right. The good news is that in at least one country, the global depopulation mafia is being exposed as the enforcers of racialist genocide and national blackmail.

Last spring, courageous Brazilian health minister Dr. Alceni Guerra revealed that an astounding 20-25 million Brazilian women, overwhelmingly poor and black, have been sterilized, often without their consent or even knowledge, at the behest of a network of foreign agencies largely funded by Brazil's creditors. Dr. Guerra specifically named the Rockefeller Foundation and the Population Council that employ Sinding and Segal, as well as the Ford Foundation, the International Planned Parenthood Federation, and the U.S. government's Agency for International Development as the chief perpetrators of "the largest, informal criminal birth control program in the world."

The depopulationists may howl in protest, but massive corroboration of these charges can be found in a recently declassified National Security Study memorandum, written under the supervision of then-Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in 1974. In this remarkable document, never intended for publication, Kissinger and Co. candidly explain why "population control" must be imposed by the U.S. on the developing countries, specifically including Brazil. It has nothing to do with "ecological" concerns, or the phony Malthusian argument that population will outstrip finite resources. The real problem, says the memorandum, is that population growth will tend to create nationalist political pressures that may jeopardize "the smooth flow of needed raw materials" from various Third World plantations to the industrialized North, or raise the price of those commodities beyond what the advanced sector deigns to pay.

Marsha Roark



It seems that Wiley A. Hall 3rd, "the man who knows all, but really knows nothing," placed his mouth into motion before he placed his brain into gear.

In his Jan. 15 article he classified anyone over 50 as a knock-kneed old fogey.

Well, I am 62, with no indication of being knock-kneed, and I'll bet that I am in better physical condition then Mr. Hall is.

Don't ever underestimate an older person, my friend.

Edmund W. Huppman Sr.


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