Legislative Hearings

January 27, 1992

TUESDAY, 1 p.m.

Senate Judicial Proceedings, Senate Room 300.

SB 51 Immunity From Civil Liability -- SLAPP Suits; SB 63 Maryland Private Land Rights Protection Act.

WEDNESDAY, 11 a.m.

House Economic Matters, Room 150, Lowe HOB

Briefing: Maryland State Retirement and Pension Systems -- Overview of Current Issues and Investments.


Senate Finance, Senate Presidential Wing

SB 42 Insurance -- Liability of Insurer for Punitive Damages; SB 44 Insurance -- Antitrust Exemption and Rate Making; SB 148 Insurance -- Examination of Insurance Holding Corporations; SB 149 Insurance -- Premium Finance Companies -- Penalties; SB 165 Insurance -- Domestic Insurer of Insurance Holding Corporation -- Filing Requirements; SB 166 Insurance -- Underwriting -- Prohibition; SB 167 Insurance -- Liability Insurance Data Reporting; SB 168 Insurance -- Premium Finance Companies -- Examinations.

House Economic Matters, Room 150, Lowe HOB

HB 32 Mortgage Lenders -- Escrow Accounts -- Interest; HB 89 Occupational and Professional Licenses and Permits -- Personal Property Tax Certificate; HB 164 Consumer Services -- Negative Option Prohibited; HB 173 Consumer Protection -- Rental Vehicles -- Collision Damage Waivers; HB 226 Real Estate Appraisals -- Comparable Sales Evaluations; HB 271 Real Estate Commission -- Guaranty Fund.

WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, 1 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The Senate Budget and Taxation Committee and the House Committee on Ways and Means will hold joint hearings on all sales, income, business, tobacco, alcohol and other tax bills that have been introduced.


House Economic Matters, Room 150, Lowe HOB

Briefing: Department of Economic and Employment Development -- Update and Statewide Biotechnology Strategy.

THURSDAY, 1 p.m.

Senate Finance, Senate Presidential Wing

SB 152 Maryland Job Training Partnership Act; SB 153 Planned Apprenticeship and On-the-Job Training Programs-Approval; SB 171 MD Small Business Development Financing Authority -- Equity Participation Investment Program; SB 185 Maryland

Occupational Safety and Health -- Regulations.

House Constitutional and Administrative Law, Room 140, Lowe HOB

HB 202 Maryland Human Relations Commission -- Unlawful Employment Practices -- Retaliation; HB 302 Workers' Compensation Cases -- Generic Drugs Required; HB 322 Workers' Compensation Commission -- Special Fund for Maintenance Assessments; HB 335 Workers' Compensation -- Payment of Temporary Total Disability Benefits After Retirement.

House Economic Matters, Room 150, Lowe HOB

HB 260 Unemployment Insurance -- Excluding Cafeteria Plans and Dependent Care Asst. from the Definition of Wages; HB 267 Unemployment Insurance -- Collateral Rate for Reimbursing Employers; HB 278 Partnership for Workforce Quality; HB 306 Unemployment Insurance -- Bad Check Penalty.

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